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Origins: a youth prayer course for 11-18 year-olds


In the gospel of Luke, one of Jesus’s disciples asks him to teach them something. The disciple asks,

“Lord, teach us to Pray…”

In a fun and laid back way, Origins will engage young people in the idea of prayer over 7 weeks, as well as giving practical suggestions to help them grow their prayer lives.

Who is Origins for?
Origins is a 7 week prayer resource for 11-18 year olds, that will teach young people to pray.

The course is designed for young people from all backgrounds. The desire is that anyone at any place with God can come along and build community whilst learning how to have a relationship with Jesus.

How does it work?
Each session is designed to fit into one and a half hours, but it can be changed to suit your group circumstances. The length of prayer times will increase over the seven weeks.

This course is designed for youth groups of all sizes but we suggest splitting into smaller groups for discussions.

Find out more by clicking here.




Quality Youth Ministry Training… watch online with a cuppa (YFC Training Wall)

Finding space, opportunity and input for training can be a challenge.

Whether it’s finding space in the dairy or the budget for attending a training event, getting your team together for training, or just finding a good training resource, it’s not always easy.

Well, YFC are here for you. The YFC resource team have just launched an online library of training videos… all for free.

YFC Rescources

Why not:

  • Watch one over a coffee break?
  • Make a slot in a youth team meeting to watch and discuss one with your team?
  • Send the link round to your team to watch with a cup of tea and a biscuit, and then chat about it as you set up for your next event?
  • Ask for a slot in a staff meeting to watch a relevant one with the clergy and your staff team to help them understand what you do a bit better?

All the videos can be found here.

Let us know how you use them, which were most helpful and which ones you’d like to see more training around!

11 stats highlighting the importance of children’s, youth and family ministry

TheResource_Logo_Col_Transparent-e1412953305620Ali Campbell of The Resource says this: I have often been asked about stats related to children’s, youth and family ministry – sometimes they are hard to find or ambiguous, or just er, made up!  So, I have pulled together what I consider to be the most reliable stuff (and these are all based on UK research).

Some of these are self explanatory, some would naturally go with others – use them, mention them, shout them from the rooftops etc.

Click here to access the information.

DiscipleKit: Discipleship resources reviewed by CPAS

DiscipleKit logo
CPAS have designed a new tool called DiscipleKit; an easy-to-use website bringing together the latest discipleship resources in one place.

They say:

“We are really excited to welcome you to DiscipleKit. We hope you enjoy looking around the site, and discovering some great resources to energise your journey of discipleship. Every resource has the information you need, a link through to obtain it, and an extensive review which will help you choose the one you want.

We are beginning with a focus on resources for small groups for Adults, Youth and Children – for those who are Enquiring about Christianity, Beginning the Christian journey, or Growing along the way. But we have great plans for the site, which include resources for individuals, and additional themed resources such as those for marriage, parenting and seniors. We would love your feedback and suggestions, so do join our DiscipleKit community and tell us what you would like to see included.”

Click here to enter the site.

Nude selfies: how do we protect our children?

social media

It’s not uncommon for young people to share a nude or nearly nude selfie of themselves via social media – and not to think twice about it. How do you help raise their understanding that this action might not be wise? CEOP have created four short videos to give parents a way into these awkward but important conversations.