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Guardians of Ancora Christmas comic

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The city of Ancora used to glow with the light of a thousand stories. Now these tales are gone and the Spire grows dim. But some still search for stories, to relight the Spire once more. They are called the Guardians of Ancora!

Join the characters from Scripture Union’s groundbreaking tablet game, Guardians of Ancora, as they rediscover the Christmas story. The Ancora Christmas Bible comic combines high-quality artwork with augmented reality content to bring the story of Jesus’ birth to life.

Scripture Union Light Parties – A Christian alternative to Halloween

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Does your church wonder what to do for children at Halloween each year?

•Do you want help in answering the questions they ask about it?

•Do you need some inspired ideas for Light Parties that don’t involve lots of preparation?

Then Scripture Union’s FREE Light Party Pack could be just what you need!

Tested by thousands of churches in 2014 the pack is now bigger and better for 2015 and you can order yours completely free today. Stocks of the pack are limited so don’t delay. Order your pack today and they’ll send yours out to your free of charge in mid-July once they’ve added the finishing touches.

Click here for full details.

Guardians of Ancora – an app for children from Scripture Union

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Download Guardians of Ancora for FREE for Apple, Android and Kindle devices.  What are you waiting for? This groundbreaking game is an amazing opportunity for children you know to discover the incredible adventures of the Bible for themselves!

Available for Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices, Guardians of Ancora is a world-class digital game – an amazing virtual world that 8 to 11 year olds can enter and a place where Bible stories come alive!

Don’t take our word for it though, download Guardians of Ancora yourself (for free!) and share it with children you know.

Scripture Union: Talking with children about war and terrorism

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In the event of war and acts of terrorism, the media depicts graphic scenes of devastation and destruction, with images of dead bodies, weeping survivors and heavily camouflaged military personnel. Parents often wonder if, when, and how to explain to their children. Their questions are likely to be tough to answer but, as with all important discussions, being honest and keeping communication lines open and is essential. Some concerns won’t get settled quickly so be ready to revisit previous discussions as events unfold.

You know your child, their individual personality and temperament. Some children are naturally more prone to be fearful. Such fear may manifest itself in stomach-aches, bad dreams, poor sleep patterns, unusual clinging, irritability and so on.  Graphic news reports may heighten feelings of anxiety. Some children will simply not pay much attention. At the other extreme, some children can get overloaded and become numb due to the repetitive nature of the reports.

Visit the Scripture Union website to read more.

Scripture Union – It’s Your Church

its your churchIt’s Your Church is a 16 page A4 booklet aimed at 8 – 11 year olds who are visiting a church as part of their RE syllabus. It offers an opportunity for churches to connect with their local schools as they invite children to visit their building and community. The booklet contains generic information about churches that can easily be applied in many different denominational settings. Children are invited to become TV presenters, finding out information that they can present back at school.

Visit the Scripture Union web page here.

FREE Light Party Pack from Scripture Union

The Scripture Union Light Party Pack is an absolute must for any church thinking about running an alternative option for children and families this hallowe’en. It’s free and comes with a selection of other downloadable resources too.

If you’re planning a light party let us know and we can advertise it for you.

If you’re planning something different this Hallowe’en we’d love to hear about that too!