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Connected – children’s group materials

Elaine Webster

Elaine Webster has experience as a youth and children’s worker of many years standing, and she’s written a curriculum for churches to use on Sunday or mid-week for discipleship with children and teens.

Connected will help children and young people develop hearts that are connected to God, each other and the community around them. They will explore who God is, their identity in Him and develop a relationship with a living God who loves and treasures them. Connected covers what it means to be powerful and free, how to develop two way conversation with God, healing, compassion, generosity, risk and much more.

What’s included?

There are 14 flexible sessions in every term, designed to be delivered straight off the page. There are teaching notes to help you and your teams develop new skills and letters for parents so they can continue faith development at home. It includes an all age worship sessions for every term and social ideas so that your young people have the opportunity to grow in community and build relationships.

Once you sign up for a term or a year, you’ll also have access to an online feedback centre so you can let Elaine and others know how you get on with a particular session. They also want to know what God did in your session, what you learned or adapted so that they can share that blessing with future users.

Click here to access sample packs.

Free sample resources for Pentecost from ROOTS


Play and explore symbols of the Holy Spirit

Play materials: white and flame-coloured cloths and ribbons, white doves and fire-coloured flames, sparkly bits (sequins, card, glitter), feathers, glue sticks; parachute or large cloth; bubble machine.

Mini Bible story with actions
Jesus said: ‘When I go back to be with God my Father, (move hands upwards)
I will send you a special friend. (Move hands down).
He is the Holy Spirit, who comes from God.’ (Flutter hands like a dove).

Repeat so the children can join in.

The Spirit as dove and flame
Invite the children to play with the cloths and ribbons. They can decorate the card doves and flames with feathers and sparkles. Say that we can think of the Holy Spirit as a dove who flutters down to us, and as a fire that warms us.

The Spirit as wind
Tell the children that sometimes we think of the Holy Spirit as a wind that blows around us. Invite them to move the parachute or cloth to make a wind – gently, then more wildly, and finally, calmly again.

Invite the children to make prayer requests and turn on the bubble machine so that the bubbles float among them. Allow the children to enjoy the bubbles. Finish with this prayer. Ask the children to repeat after you:

Thank you, God, for sending your Holy Spirit to help us. Amen.

ROOTS resources are published in two magazines – Adult & All Age and Children & Young People, plus a supporting website.

If you’d like a free sample magazine, phone 0845 680 5317, or email rootssales@rootsontheweb.com to request a copy. 

Free resoures for Pentecost and Trinity

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These activities are normally only available to ROOTS subscribers, but ROOTS has provided these free for you to try.    
 Dramatic reading: The day of Pentecost

Can you imagine how the disciples and the crowd listening felt on that amazing day? This retelling of the events of Pentecost is for two voices.  

Story: Colours for God

A children’s story about coloured windows, and how colours, like the persons of the Trinity, combine to make more than the sum of the parts.

Old bed, new bed

Old bed new bed

Old Bed New Bed
 by Linda Clist
32-page full-colour paperback, 178x178mm
ISBN: 978-1-85345-667-1
Not everyone has a bed

Jack is very excited about his new bed, and tomorrow he’s going with his mum and little sister to buy brand-new bed covers as well!

However, on the high street Jack sees a homeless man who doesn’t have a comfy bed to sleep in, and his mum encourages Jack to put some money in the collection box for the local homeless shelter.

Uncle Oliver is all set to take Jack’s old bed to the tip, but instead finds a much better place for it to go, and Jack meets someone there whom he never expected to see.

The book includes guidelines for parents and teachers plus information about the homeless charity Emmaus and other organisations which help homeless people. It’s available from CWR: http://www.cwr.org.uk/store/p-1224-old-bed-new-bed.aspx