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Origins: a youth prayer course for 11-18 year-olds


In the gospel of Luke, one of Jesus’s disciples asks him to teach them something. The disciple asks,

“Lord, teach us to Pray…”

In a fun and laid back way, Origins will engage young people in the idea of prayer over 7 weeks, as well as giving practical suggestions to help them grow their prayer lives.

Who is Origins for?
Origins is a 7 week prayer resource for 11-18 year olds, that will teach young people to pray.

The course is designed for young people from all backgrounds. The desire is that anyone at any place with God can come along and build community whilst learning how to have a relationship with Jesus.

How does it work?
Each session is designed to fit into one and a half hours, but it can be changed to suit your group circumstances. The length of prayer times will increase over the seven weeks.

This course is designed for youth groups of all sizes but we suggest splitting into smaller groups for discussions.

Find out more by clicking here.




The plight of refugees continues to dominate the news…

Church of England

The plight of refugees continues to dominate the news – with myths twisting amongst the facts. In June, Australia had Refugees Week, to allow churches focus on refugees. Although these two links (here and here)come from that Australian perspective, there is much in them to help inform leaders who may want to talk with children and young people about what’s happening in our country.

More material below:
This is the link for UK resources for Refugee Week in 2016
This is a position paper from the Churches Refugee Network 2014
A prayer for the refugee
A resource from the Church of Scotland to help young people explore immigration issues

Lego (or Duplo) Prayers

lego prayers

This prayer activity is suitable for groups of children or even a whole congregation as long as you have enough bricks!  Have an adult or child to lead the prayers for each group, however big…

You will need: One Lego or Duplo brick per person

Hold your brick.
Pray for yourself.  Thank God for the things he has given you.  Ask Him to bless you and to help you to bless others.

Count the bumps on your brick.
For each bump on your brick, pray for a different person- friends or family members.  Ask God to bless them this week.

Find someone who has a different colour brick to you.
Thank God for making each person special.  Thank him for the things that are different but special about other people.  Pray that we will learn how to celebrate and understand people who are different to us.

Find someone with the same number of bumps on their brick as you.
Thank God for families and friends and all who care for us.  Pray that He will help us to be friends to those who are lonely.

Swap your brick with someone.
Thank God for the person you swapped with and ask God to bless them this week.

Put all of the bricks together and build a structure or tower with them.
Thank God for the church and the communities we live in. Pray that He will help us to include others and to help people know that they are loved and valued.

Have a look at the Flame Creative Children’s Ministry website for this and other brilliant ideas

Create a Lord’s Prayer Labyrinth


A labyrinth is not a maze. There are no tricks or dead ends. A labyrinth is a pathway, with a destination. It creates a sense of journey, and it encourages reflection along the way.

This activity invites students to ‘journey’ through the Lord’s Prayer. As students walk around the labyrinth pathways they encounter sentences from the Lord’s Prayer, and they are encouraged to reflect on the words, and perhaps pray them for themselves.

You’ll find more information and a download on the Prayer Spaces in Schools website.  You’ll have to register to access their resources, but registration is quick and easy and the resources are free of charge.

Prayer Spaces in Schools – create your prayer space


Emma Richardson is one half of a Networker ‘dynamic duo’ in Cumbria. Here’s her report on the recent prayer space in Ullswater Community College:

“Rev. Philip Jackson and I sat a little nervously outside the headteacher’s office, it was our second meeting to discuss the possibility of a Prayer Space at Ullswater Community College. The idea had been bounced around, staff had canvassed the students to see if the idea was popular; and we were now going to hear the results.

The feedback from students was: “it wouldn’t be used or useful!”

“Great, where do we go from here?”  I thought.

Read the whole amazing story here.