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Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed! Alleluia!
After the disappearance of Alleluia from the liturgy during Lent, I hope that there was great rejoicing as you celebrated Christ’s resurrection on Easter Day! The mystery of Easter is so great that it can’t be contained in one day – it spills out into 50 days when the Lectionary readings recall the post-resurrection appearances the beginnings of the early church and build towards the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
It’s a good time to look at how the early church patterned itself (Acts 2:43-47) and talk with your groups about how your church community meets together, breaks bread together, gives generously and praises God. How are the children and young people part of that? What could be done differently?

Free resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter

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These activities are normally only available to ROOTS subscribers, but ROOTS has provided these free for you to try.

Lent Calendar for 2014

Travel through Lent with some well-known Old Testament stories. Five famous stories lead us to Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and prepare us for the dramas of Holy Week.

‘Only 40 days’ a Lenten service for all ages

This service explores the meaning and history of Lent.

Creative Easter ideas

From Flame Creative Children’s Ministry:

If you are looking for Easter ideas here are some of the things we’ve tried and tested! Easter cards, Smarties Easter prayer, Easter story pass the parcel, Palm Sunday praise, songs in creche, and a resurrection prayer activity. For a link to these activities click here.

We’ve also put together some simple prayer stations based on the Easter story that we’re using with our children at church and also with children from a local school. For a link to these click here.

Have fun and Happy Easter!

Flame creative childrens ministry

Resources from Going for Growth

Church of EnglandTwo weeks into Lent – I wonder how the season takes on a different feel in your church? Goodbye to All****a, no flowers, no Gloria – a sense of deprivation as we walk the journey towards Holy Week, before the joy of Easter morning brings everyone back into the glorious risen Light! Here’s a reminder of some of the ways Going for Growth can help support the Lenten Journey and celebrate the Easter glory!