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DiscipleKit: Discipleship resources reviewed by CPAS

DiscipleKit logo
CPAS have designed a new tool called DiscipleKit; an easy-to-use website bringing together the latest discipleship resources in one place.

They say:

“We are really excited to welcome you to DiscipleKit. We hope you enjoy looking around the site, and discovering some great resources to energise your journey of discipleship. Every resource has the information you need, a link through to obtain it, and an extensive review which will help you choose the one you want.

We are beginning with a focus on resources for small groups for Adults, Youth and Children – for those who are Enquiring about Christianity, Beginning the Christian journey, or Growing along the way. But we have great plans for the site, which include resources for individuals, and additional themed resources such as those for marriage, parenting and seniors. We would love your feedback and suggestions, so do join our DiscipleKit community and tell us what you would like to see included.”

Click here to enter the site.


There is no Plan B – why the church must help children disciple other children

there is no plan B

An article from Aim Lower Journal:

At the 4/14 Global Summit in New York in 2010, Reverend C.B. Samuel of India indicated that our Christian teens are in need of ideals—a cause worth living for and dying for—but the church is giving them more and more entertainment instead. What is the real solution?

This article draws from There is no Plan B – a document sponsored by the 4-14 movement and Compassion International (click to access your FREE copy)

Erikson’s Theory of Psychological Development postulates a significant shift in development when one reaches adolescence (11-18 years old). Preceding adolescence, development depends on what is done to a person; at adolescence, development depends primarily upon what a person does. At this stage, adolescents begin to develop strong affiliation and devotion to ideals, causes and friends.

Recent Barna Group research on reasons why young Christians leave church focused on those who were regular churchgoers during their early teens and explored their reasons for disconnection from church life after age 15. The research revealed that the number one reason our youth leave church is because “churches seem overprotective.”

At the 4/14 Global Summit in New York in 2010, Reverend C.B. Samuel of India indicated that our Christian teens are in need of ideals—a cause worth living for and dying for—but the church is giving them more and more entertainment instead. Churches thought that teens left the church because of the Xbox and the varied entertainment available to them, so, to compete, more resources were invested on entertainment only to discover that the exodus continued. What children and youth need is a personal connection with high ideals, causes and worthy challenges; to be a force they believe can change the world.

Just recently, Catholic Marawi Bishop Edwin de la Peña of San Juan, Philippines, urged children and youth to actively participate in the missionary endeavors of the church:
You young people and children have the energy, enthusiasm, courage and the ability to take the risk to step forward and say, ‘we want to be in that boat also; we want to be with Jesus and respond to the challenge of mission,’ said de la Peña, who is also chairman of the Episcopal Commission on Mission of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. The prelate also told the youth that as the future of the nation, this is the right time for them to take the opportunity to engage actively in the mission of the Church. (CBCP News, Monday, February 11, 2013)379.

You can read the whole article here.

Messy Church What Next? – a day conference on discipleship

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When? Saturday 5 October 2013, 10.00 – 3.30PM
Where? St Wilfred’s Church, Cowplain, Portsmouth, PO8 8DZ
Cost? £7.50 per person

Following the success of Messy Church, many are asking how these new congregations are growing in faith.  The themes of what “discipleship” is, how to sustain and grow our teams, what do people expect and how to use sacraments in Messy Church will be explored in this exciting day led by Lucy Moore and BRF.

Click here for further details.

Aim Lower Journal – conversations about mission, discipleship and children

aimlowerThanks again to Ben Mizen and his Dopcandy blog, for this wisdom:

The Aim Lower Journal is an excellent website of artilces that focus on mission, discipleship and children. Here’s a selection of articles from issue 1:

Just a Child – equipping event

Just a child

Arise Ministries are running a day conference entitled ‘Just a ‘child’? – CHILDREN, DISCOVERING JESUS AND BECOMING HIS FOLLOWERS, TODAY’ at Thornhill Baptist Church, Southampton on Saturday 15th June 2013.  They will be exploring how we can reach and release children with the Gospel and also help them grow as disciples of Jesus. There will be lots of opportunities to share thoughts and ideas with the group, as well as breaks to enable networking with other children’s workers in the area from across denominations. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

The programme covers the following topics:

Children – within our reach
How we can connect with the children of our communities, helping them discover Jesus and become His followers.

Children – growing as disciples
How we can disciple children effectively, understanding how children’s spirituality and faith can develop.

Children – ready for release
How we can equip and encourage children to share the gospel with others.

More information can be found on the Arise Ministries website: www.ariseministries.org.uk/support.htm