Supporting children and young people in a time of terror attacks

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It’s been a few months of terrible news from close to home, with two terror attacks in London and one in Manchester. Meanwhile, around the globe, particularly in Afganistan and Egypt, terror attacks have continued to devastate communities.

In the midst of these horrifying events, our children and young people can be left with a lot of questions, anxiety and concerns. We’ve compiled links to some of the resources that have been released to help you tackle these tricky issues with the children and young people you work with.

Premier Youth and Childrenswork Magazine – Manchester attack: How do we support children and young people?

NSPCC – Supporting children worried about terrorism

Winston’s Wish – Responding to children affected by the media coverage of the incident in Westminster

BBC – How to talk to children about terrorist attacks


Election News

polling station

It’s just a couple of short days until we head to the polls for the General Election. While we may have many views when it comes to political persuasion, one area many of us overlap is a belief that children, families and young people matter.

Premier Youth and Children’s Work Magazine have pulled together their Manifesto for Children and Young People in the face of this upcoming election.

Meanwhile the National Children’s Bureau have provided this summary of what the different manifestos offer Children.

And Children England have drawn together a range of charities working with Children across England to say what they think should be in a manifesto for children.

What do you think? What might you add? Or change?

You could consider sparking some conversations with the children, families and young people you work with around what’s important to them.

And whatever the result of the polls, political engagement doesn’t stop as the polls close. Why not think together about how you can continue to work together with the children, families and young people you minister to, to hold whatever government we end up with to account?

Here’s an article from Premier Youth and Childrenswork Magazine to help you think about how you could do just that.

Current Funding for Youth Social Action Projects

Change Squad

UK Youth’s Change Squad programme inspires young people to give back to their local communities.  The programme provides 150 Change Squad teams with up to £400 of funding to enable them to start their social action journey. Through the programme, young people are empowered to create, develop and deliver inspiring projects that they believe address local issues – helping them to grow, learn and practice vital life skills and have a voice in their community.


These social action ideas and projects take many shapes from turning junk into musical instruments and hosting local sports days to organising litter picks and facilitating language swaps. All Change Squad projects help support the development of young people while also providing dual benefits to the local community.

We want to inspire young people, who most likely haven’t been involved in social action before, to get involved and build a bright future together.

Change Squad is open now so why not sign up and join the social action movement today?

  • Help champion young people to reach out and make a difference to the lives of others.
  • To be eligible to be part of Change Squad, you must:
  • Be based in the South West, South East, London, North West, North East, West Midlands, and Yorkshire and Humber regions of the UK
  • Be either from a rural or disadvantaged area
  • Have two Squad Leads aged 12-20
  • Be able to recruit at least 10 other young people in their Change Squad


To inspire and upskill your squad complete our free, bite-sized training here. This will help young people come up with an idea, complete an application and deliver their project confidently.

In addition to the £400 funding for the social action project, youth workers can also claim £200 for their time facilitating and empowering Change Squad teams to develop their ideas and make projects happen.

Please note that we will be accepting applications until June 2017. All projects must be completed by 19th June 2017. All relevant documents for the project must be sent to us by 26th June to claim the unrestricted £200 funding.


Summer Camps Galore!

Summer is a-coming!

Have you thought about how the young people in your church and parish could spend their summer?

For some young people and some groups a festival, like heading to Soul Survivor, is a great way to spend a week. For others, that’s not quite the right shape for them. So if you fall into that latter category, have you thought about a Ventures Camp?


We have a whole hoard of exciting Ventures Camps within reaching distance of the Diocese – find out about all of them here:

Here’s three who we’ve spoken to/visited/caught up with, who are keen to welcome young people from your parish this summer.

Romsey 5
Who: 14-18 year olds
Where: Hampshire Collegiate School, Romsey
When: 13 August 2017 – 21 August 2017
Bonus – for youth groups who are new to Ventures (or who haven’t been on a Ventures camp in 2 years) there’s £75pp off the cost this year
“Many of our members talk about how great it is meet people their own age who are either Christians or exploring faith – it becomes a real network of support all over the country, and it helps them to know that they are not alone! We have seen so many members grow in their faith and begin to really engage with who Jesus is and what He means to them in their day-to-day lives.” – Lucy, Romsey 5 Leader

Who: 13/14-18 year olds
Where: The Royal School, Haslemere
Week A – 31st July – 7th August 2017 (Ages: 13-18)
Week B – 8th – 16th August 2017 (Ages: 14-18)
Week C – 17th – 25th August 2017 (Ages: 14-18)
And a New Year Party and Easter Revision Camp are open to those who have attended in the summer!
Bonus! – Haslemere@Danehill – 23rd – 26th October 2017 (Ages: 10-13)

Check out their website for further information – and a promo film!

“I started out as a volunteer with them and have been involved about 4 years now.  I cannot recommend them enough.  They are ran by an amazing dedicated team of volunteers who are passionate about showing Gods love to young people” – Lauren, Haslemere Leader

Dorset venture
Who: 14-18s
Where: Manor Farm, Studland, near Swanage, Dorset, BH19 3AT
When: 29th July to 7th August

“We’d love to support more churches within Winchester diocese with a fun, faithful and affordable summer camp for individual young people or larger groups.” – Alex, one of the Camp’s leaders

Job Advert – Children’s/Youth Work Assistants, St Paul’s Church, Winchester SO22 5AB

Children’s/Youth Work Assistants

St Paul’s Church, Winchester SO22 5AB


Sunday mornings 9–11.30 am, plus 1 hour preparation time and occasional meetings


Children’s Assistant 1: To plan informal sessions for two groups of children aged 4–6 and 7–9 years and lead one of the groups.

Children’s Assistant 2: To plan informal sessions and lead a group of children aged 9–12 years.

Youth Assistant: To plan informal sessions and lead a group of young people aged 13–18 years.

All of the sessions will be on a Christian theme and appropriate to the group’s age. Each will include prayer, a Bible story, activity, game and discussion based on the ROOTS resources, which provide ideas for each Sunday.

Rate of pay: £7.50–£8.50 per hour, depending on experience.


  • there is a Genuine Occupational Requirement for the post-holder to be a Christian’.
  • aged 18+
  • good at working in a team
  • a good communicator
  • able to be creative in engaging children/young people in the Christian faith.

(A Disclosure and Barring Service check will be done for the successful applicants.)

Please contact Mary Copping, Children and Youth Work Co-Ordinator,

07921 886016,

We are an inclusive, welcoming and vibrant Anglican parish for all ages, situated in the heart of Winchester and committed to serving the community both locally and beyond. We want to be radical in demonstrating that the root of all we seek to be, and do, is found in the love of God.

Thy Kingdom Come: Evangelism Training



During Thy Kingdom Come we will be offering the chance for you to join in evangelism in Winchester on Saturday 3rd June.  There will be training opportunities available to prepare you – you only need to attend one of these to participate.  These will take place at Christ Church Winchester (Christ Church, Christchurch Road, Winchester SO23 9SR) on the 11th and 31st May from 7.30pm to 9pm.

It’s open to Young People – why not bring your youth group!

The plan for the day is as follows:

Session 1 Session 2 Details
9.30 1.30 Meet outside the West door of the Cathedral to pray and for a final briefing


10.00 2.00 Go out in pairs to talk to people in and around the cathedral grounds
11.30 3.30 Gather together to share stories and to pray



12.00 4.00 End



For more information, or to book a place, please contact