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Job Vacancy – Youth and Children’s Worker

Are you called to help develop the youth and children’s work in an Evangelical Anglican Church on the south coast between the Solent and the New Forest?

The Parish of Dibden is looking for a youth and children’s worker, to start this summer.  Click here for more details

Youth Work Summit 2012

In the words of the Youth Work Summit website:

“If you’ve never been to a Youthwork Summit event, it’s time to join the party. Since 2010, we’ve been organising a unique annual one-day convention for every kind of Christian involved in every kind of work with young people. Why unique? Because over the course of just one day, you’ll hear more than 20 diverse voices presenting their big ideas about Christian youth work. For 5, 10… 15 minutes at the most, we ask a mix of world-leading experts and grass roots practitioners to take to the stage for a series of high-impact presentations – then create an atmosphere of interaction and engagement to ensure their ideas are accessed and developed by our delegates.

The vision behind the event was developed by Chris Curtis, Martin Saunders and Matt Summerfield during a prayer retreat together in early 2010. The question they had set out to explore: how could they and the organisations they represent (Youthscape, Youthwork magazine and Urban Saints) work together to better serve and resource youth workers? Part of the answer was to launch a new kind of youth work event, where breadth, diversity and unity are celebrated; where innovation and new ideas are the focus.

In 2010, we launched in London, where we were joined by over 500 excited early-adopters. In 2011, considerably more youth workers joined us for a stunning day in Manchester. And in 2012, we’re moving the Summit to May.

We’ll keep on moving, reinventing, and reimagining, because frankly, we can’t help it. It’s who we are, it’s what makes YWS so exciting, and it’s how we make sure we continue to serve you, the youth worker, with the very best event we can. So get ready for a very different, very brilliant Youthwork Summit 2012. Just don’t get used to it – we’ll change it all again next year.”

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Safety Net | Protecting Innocence Online

Every day children and young people are accessing mainstream pornography on the internet, including the most hardcore, violent and abusive images. Evidence clearly shows pornography has a detrimental impact on children and young people including premature sexualisation, negative body image and unhealthy notions about relationships. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Despite parental concerns and the use of computer filters in the home, the rapid rate at which communications technology is developing, including convergence of the internet on televisions/ games consoles and mobile phone technology, makes it increasingly difficult for parents/ carers to supervise their children’s use effectively. Massive profit-driven competition is harming the vulnerable.

To better protect children and young people Safety Net, an initiative of Premier Christian Media, is calling on Internet service providers to block pornography by introducing filters at Internet Service Provider level. This will still give adults the choice to access pornography whilst giving children the freedom to surf the internet safely.

To find out more about the campaign, and to sign the petition, visit The Safety Net website.

Fundraising through Companies

Fundraising through Companies
10.00am – 4.30pm, Friday, 15 June 2012
Community Action Hampshire, Winchester

“Evidence from our members shows that investment in fundraising skills and training, particularly for small charities, is vital and can make the difference between an organisation delivering key services or not.” Peter Lewis, chief executive of the Institute of Fundraising.

The current economic climate is not an easy one, and many organisations are looking for new and different sources of income. Developing productive relationships with business is one way, but it is important to get it right.

The government is keen to see the business sector do more to engage with the voluntary sector. The Big Lottery Fund, too, has identified increasing engagement with the private sector as part of its revised strategy, saying it will support VCS bodies to build stronger relationships with both local and national companies. It may even be looking for partnerships between the two sectors in the future for some of its funding.

In 2011 the Institute of Fundraising secured funding from the Office for Civil Society to support small charities to fundraise more effectively.The three year project supports small and localised organisations at grassroots level with an annual income of £1 million or less. Community Action Hampshire is pleased to host this training session, which is part of the Institute of Fundraising’s programme of ‘Help for small charities’.

A flyer and booking form are attached. Please note that spaces are limited, so early booking is advised, and only one booking per organisation will be accepted.

Messy Church at Ignite

Ignite is a Church camping event taking place over the Jubilee weekend at Wellington Country Park.

It is building on last year’s successful St Peters Yateley IGNITE weekend, which brought together families from both inside and outside the church community, to share fun and relax in the beautiful park surroundings.

This year the team at St Peter’s Yateley are holding a big Messy Church on Saturday 2nd June between 11 -1. They would like to welcome people from other messy churches or anyone who wants to experience a Messy Church event to come and join them for the day.

After Messy Church (and before if you arrive early enough) there will be plenty of time  to  enjoy the facilities at Wellington Country Park or the rest of the events at Ignite which will include a  family sports day challenge and a presentation from Oddments theatre company. Going into the evening there will be a communal Messy barbecue and musical entertainment.

If you would like to know more visit the website at or contact Faith Bailey on 01252 674379

Day Rates from 8am – 10.30pm:

  • Adults £15.00
  • Children and students £8.00
  • Under 3’s f.o.c.

This cost includes entrance to the park and use of the facilities at ignite (some activity zone events will cost extra)