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Nude selfies: how do we protect our children?

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It’s not uncommon for young people to share a nude or nearly nude selfie of themselves via social media – and not to think twice about it. How do you help raise their understanding that this action might not be wise? CEOP have created four short videos to give parents a way into these awkward but important conversations.

Stirring it up: are you not entertained?


Thanks, Ben Mizen, from his Diocese of Portsmouth blog, for sharing the following observation:

I’ve been musing on the desire of many churches to “get young people in” and the, often mis-matched, methods used to attract. I think it is a constant challenge for faith communities to compete with activities that can be perceived as competition for the attention of young people. Sadly, the reality of attraction can lead to an entertainment model of youth work where you are only as good the last whacky big event  or fun trip you did. Once you enter into this model (and remember fun is part of youth work but not ALL of it) you can kiss good bye to all your big statements about relational youth ministry and discipleship. Where does faith nurture and Gospel feature???

Here’s a challenging quote from Kyle Lake that featured in a article. I think it’s really useful…

Throughout my time working in ministry, I have come to understand I never will be able to capture and sustain a student’s attention if I try to entertain him or her. With the amount of time, money, talent and energy that goes into the myriad entertainment options, my hour-and-a-half offering on Sunday is hardly a blip on the radar. The good news is we don’t have to try and entertain students. Instead, we need to help awaken their imaginations and invite them to come along with the church on a journey full of adventure and discovery. Entertainment may occupy our students’ minds, but it never will occupy their hearts like the gospel. The gospel uniquely offers what entertainment cannot: a life full of passion, adventure and discovery. These three things invite life-long transformation and a journey compared with singular events offered through entertainment. The call of Jesus is to give up everything, follow Him, and create a whole new world. Adventure and discovery are elements of this call because they require commitment, courage and action; entertainment does not. The call of entertainment is to consume a product.

Read the rest of the article here (where Kyle uses the word student he means young person for our context).

Invitation to Police & Crime Commissioner’s “Young People, Crime & the Police” meeting 13th May 2015

1416700 - COMPASS email invitation

Hampshire Police have extended the following invitation:

We hope that you are able to join Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes at his meeting  with the Chief Constable on the 13th May at Highbury College to ask your questions about ‘Young People, Crime and the Police ‘.

To register your interest in attending and submit your questions, please contact the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner by midday on Friday 8 May 2015:

Tel: 01962 871595