Mission Action Pentecost to Advent 2017

On the first Pentecost we read that the followers of Jesus were filled with the Holy Spirit and joyfully spilled out of the upper room to share their faith, seeing many thousands become Christians. The church was born!


We want Pentecost 2017 to be another time that the people of God are filled up and sent out in mission to our local communities. With this in mind, we’ll be pouring out of the Beacon Cathedral event on Pentecost evening commissioned once again to go out in mission across the Diocese.


Phil Dykes, the Diocesan Church Growth, Fresh Expressions and Evangelism Adviser, is coordinating and resourcing this period of mission so we grilled him to tell us more about what it was and how YCF leaders could get involved.


What is it?

A 6 month period, from June-November, from Pentecost to Advent, where we as a Diocesan community are going to recommit to living out the mission of Jesus. It’s a time to experiment, try some things and share some stories with one another.


What will be going on and how can YCF leaders join in?

There’s three levels of activity, to sit alongside the Mission Action Plans that parishes and deaneries have already formulated.


  1. Local Initiatives

In various parts of the Diocese there are going to be focussed mission initiatives happening. In Basingstoke the Churches together are engaging with the ‘Who Cares?’ Initiative. In Eastleigh, the churches are teaming up for Hope Eastleigh. And in Bournemouth, there’s Hope in the Community happening. So the first thing YCF leaders can do is find out if there’s something happening locally and get involved.


  1. Mission Tool Box

We’ve been building a Mission Toolbox for the Diocese – going round the Diocese, meeting people involved in mission initiatives and pulling together 3 minute videos of what they’re doing, teaming that up with a ‘How to Guide’ and a resource list, so we can equip other people in the Diocese to try out these mission initiatives for themselves. We’re hoping this is the start of the story sharing – we’ll be inviting others to pull together their own videos of their mission activities, to share the learning and creativity.

These videos will be available on the Diocesan Website really soon. We’d love YCF leaders to use some of the ideas in their contexts and let us know how they get on. But we’d also love to see YCF leaders making videos with the children and young people they work with to share the mission activities they’re doing and encouraging other parishes to do the same things.


  1. Individuals telling their stories

We want to see individuals who are passionate and confident in sharing their faith – and we want to hear what they’re up to! We’ll be creating an email address for people round the Diocese to get in contact to share their stories of how they’re sharing their faith and what difference it’s making.

We’d love to hear from children, families, young people, youth groups, leaders are all sorts in that time. So please, keep on sharing the vision of mission with the groups you’re working with, and then help them share their stories of mission with us!



Want to explore the idea of mission with your children’s/youth groups? Here’s some places to go for resources:

The Great Commission Website

iWitness – Last year’s lent course – with its resources for a variety of ages, looking at the 5 marks of mission

The Art of Connecting from Youth For Christ


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