Rooted in Church

What has kept you linked into church all these years? And what was different for those who have drifted away?

The National Church of England have done a piece of research with young adults and their parents across the UK to find out what are those special ‘X Factors’ that keep young people ‘Rooted in Church’ into adulthood.

You can read the full report here.


But if you only have a few moments, here are their key pieces of advice for churches in light of their research:

  • Churches should aim to build a culture of intergenerational relationships
  • Churches should be inclusive of all ages in both leadership and worship
  • Churches should recognise young people and young adults as equal members of the Body of Christ
  • Churches should be encouraged to explore the possibility of admitting baptised children to Communion before Confirmation
  • Churches should become unconditionally welcoming places for young people
  • Churches need to do more to support their youth workers and leaders

Combined with the latest research in a similar vein from the Fuller Youth Institute in America, there’s lots of food for thought!


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