Christmas is coming! Here are some resources


We know it might still feel a long way away, but we’re hitting the time for Christmas planning! Here’s some of the best resources we’ve been able to find to help you make Christmas a special on in your ministry this year.

Unleash your youthgroup for justice this Christmas – why not engage with the Advent Conspiracy together.

Feeling brave? Run an advent sleep out with the young people in your parish or deanery? Get them to bring their friends – chat while you shiver about why it’s happening and what Christmas is all about. (Additional Youth Resource)

Headed to school? Here’s some ready made Chrismas Assembly resources.

Need a great Christmas video illustration? Here’s Guildford Diocese’s (2015) 12 videos of Christmas.

Looking to link with a community event or engage with your community? Why not try ‘Get in the Picture‘?

Explore Christmas through Gingerbread with family, at Messy Church, Sunday school, or somewhere else.

A host of resource books for engaging with children from BRFand Scripture Union

Not enough ideas for you here? The Evangelical Alliance have a bumper list of more here.


Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll be updating this with any more great resources we find as we countdown to Christmas!


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