How to teach preschoolers spiritual truth

Here’s a blog from 2013 from Orange Leaders which can surely do the rounds again:

We have the most amazing, powerful, life changing, TRUE story ever told—God’s story! Below are five ways we can begin to teach it to our preschoolers.

1. Experience the Truth
Preschoolers learn best through experience and active participation. Choose activities that give them these memorable experiences.

Touch David’s soft, fluffy sheep.
Smell the sweet perfume as Mary pours it on Jesus’ head and feet.
Hear Joshua’s horn in the battle of Jericho.
Taste the Lord’s Supper as Jesus eats with the disciples.
See Noah’s ark as it floats on water.

Build a wall with Nehemiah.
Dress up like Queen Esther.
Pretend to cook bread for Elijah like the widow.
Rock baby Moses and put him in a basket.
Doctor the hurt man’s boo-boos like the Good Samaritan.
Ride in the boat with Jonah.

2. Relate to Truth
As you offer opportunities for your children to experience truth, take it a step further and help them relate to that truth.
•Speak words they understand and use on a daily basis. When I’m writing, I will read and re-read and keep changing words until I get them to a preschool level of understanding.
•Use age–appropriate content. Just because it is the truth doesn’t mean it’s time to teach it. The Bible is full of stories that preschoolers are not ready to hear. As children get older, they will learn more and more details of the same stories.
•Connect spiritual truth to their young world. Think of what a preschooler’s day looks like and apply truth to what they already know and have experienced.  What may seem small to you is big to them.
•Talk and pray about the truth you are teaching in a Small Group setting.

You can read the other three ideas by clicking here.

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