Lifeboat prayers


During 2015, many thousands of refugees risked their lives (and many others lost their lives) as they sailed across the Mediterranean Sea in small boats. People do desperate things when their lives are in unimaginable danger.

This activity encourages students to think about refugees who are leaving their homes and precious possessions behind in order to escape danger. It encourages them to think about themselves, to reflect on their own homes and possessions and opportunities, and to imagine what it would feel like to lose almost everything.

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Shine residential conference for girls: December 2015

Shine UKShine Residential Conference: Release your inner warrior!

Whitemoor Lakes
WS13 8QT

Dates:        4th – 6th December 2015

Ages:          11 – 18 years (School Years: 7 – 13)

Price:         £85.00 (Full Price)

Fashions will always change, but “strength never goes out of style…” (Proverbs 31:25)

We believe every girl should have the opportunity to release her inner warrior.  To understand what it means to be truly mighty. To embrace a life clothed in strength and dignity, without fear.

Shine is fun. It is full of love, life and laughter, but it recognises that every girl is different too.  Using interactive, age appropriate teaching sessions, it will challenge some of the worldly issues that teenage girls face everyday; and with a variety of activities ranging from crafts to abseiling, it’s clear that there is something for everyone.

The Shine Residential Conference aims to:

  • deliver a holistic programme which builds confidence, self-esteem, and integrity through interactive streams and fun, engaging activities
  • encourage the girls to make Jesus centred life choices, equipping them to live out a faith filled life in today’s world
  • ensure the girls will have an opportunity to respond to the Gospel, and to hear from God during the weekend
  • actively reflect God’s love and compassion through the teaching of the Word, fellowship, and the actions of all team members

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Suicide resources from the Dougy Center

dougy_logo_oldMany thanks to Chris Kidd for pointing us towards this useful resource from the Dougy Center:

After a Suicide Death: Ten Tips for Helping Children & Teens
Suicide Resources from The Dougy Center

1. Tell the truth.
It’s important to be honest with children and teens. They don’t necessarily need to know every single fact about a death, but they do need to hear truthful answers and information. Start with a short explanation of what has happened, and let their questions guide how much detail you provide.

2. Expect and allow for different emotions and feelings.
Feelings and grief reactions are influenced by many factors, including the age, personality and developmental level of the child. You may see a broad spectrum of emotions in children and teens, including anger, frustration, guilt, numbness, shock, sadness, relief, confusion, shame, fear, loneliness and embarrassment.

3. Talk openly about suicide.
Our society continues to stigmatize suicide, as well as the families of those left behind. It is often an uncomfortable and shocking topic that can leave people unsure of what to say. In light of this challenge, it is critical that kids have safe places where they can talk openly about the death without judgement and awkwardness.

4. Hold a memorial service.
No matter how difficult or painful the deceased person’s life or death may have been, grieving children and teens deserve the opportunity to say goodbye and to honor the person’s life.

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YWS Nano at Moorlands College


Moorlands College are delighted to be hosting the first ever YWS Nano event on the south coast in partnership with the Youth Work Summit at their Christchurch Campus this November.

The evening will be simple. You will drink coffee. You will worship Jesus. You will speak candidly with one another about Christian youth work. You’ll share ideas and thoughts without hindrance. And, you will send one another out in prayer.

Although all the costs are covered by Moorlands, you will need to sign up before you come, so please click here to find the registration form.

The Great Big BRF Mess-About!

messy churchWant to do Messy Church even better? Need to re-energise your team?

One of the best ways of getting good ideas is to see how another church does Messy Church and to welcome critical friends to yours.
• Pick up new ideas
• Be challenged by the differences
• Feel what it’s like to be a guest in an unfamiliar setting
• Be encouraged by aspects of your own Messy Church that you’d taken for granted
• See your own Mess in a new light
• Make new Messy friends and allies

We’re all so busy with our own church life that we may not get round to organising a visit to another one. So BRF brings you The Great Big BRF Mess-About! It’s very simple: take your team and visit another Messy Church!

Click here for ideas, invitations and other resources.

Meet Beth – The Christian Aid Collective Intern for Hampshire


My name’s Beth and I’m the new Christian Aid Collective Intern for Hampshire. For the next 10 months, my role is to work alongside local church youth groups to look into issues of poverty and justice.

Beth CAII’ll be looking to run workshops, lead group sessions, give presentations or help out in any other relevant way!

I’m also going to be visiting some of Christian Aid’s partner organisations in Bangladesh in late October and early November, and I’d love to be able to share some of my stories and experiences from that trip with youth groups.

If you’d like to meet up for a coffee or a chat to discuss things, or have anything you’d like to invite me to, just get in touch! There’s also a lot more on our website ( )

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Beth John

( / 03280706969)