Quality Youth Ministry Training… watch online with a cuppa (YFC Training Wall)

Finding space, opportunity and input for training can be a challenge.

Whether it’s finding space in the dairy or the budget for attending a training event, getting your team together for training, or just finding a good training resource, it’s not always easy.

Well, YFC are here for you. The YFC resource team have just launched an online library of training videos… all for free.

YFC Rescources

Why not:

  • Watch one over a coffee break?
  • Make a slot in a youth team meeting to watch and discuss one with your team?
  • Send the link round to your team to watch with a cup of tea and a biscuit, and then chat about it as you set up for your next event?
  • Ask for a slot in a staff meeting to watch a relevant one with the clergy and your staff team to help them understand what you do a bit better?

All the videos can be found here.

Let us know how you use them, which were most helpful and which ones you’d like to see more training around!

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