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messy churchMessy Church now have a Pinterest board!

They are pinning exciting ideas to share with you and to support you and your Messy Churches. They’ve gathered loads of resources with ideas on hospitality, SEND, Celebration ideas, outdoor activities, extreme crafts and so many more!

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How to make easy Bible Lego videos with children


Amy Cook shares an idea on the Building Faith website as follows:

Engaging Scripture with Children
My church is very small. I may have 2 kids on a Sunday morning, or possibly 8. In looking for a way to make the Bible come alive for them, I needed a process that was adaptable. Many Sunday school teachers have found the benefits of Lego. Our idea was to take pictures of the Lego creations, and turn them into videos that tell the Bible story with the kids doing the narration.

You can do this too! All you need is some Lego, a digital camera or phone, and Powerpoint.

Click on her article to see how she does it

20 ways to engage adult learners – key principles for children’s ministry training


Here’s an interesting article from the Aim Lower Journal:

If you have listed your key content points for a training session you might be tempted to just talk. But your material will be more effective if you engage the learners and take note of the different learning styles they will have. Use the some of the 20 methods below to bring your training to life.

This article is from our friends within the Aim Lower Community – the 1 for 50 training project. You can find this article and many more at their informative web site.

Experiential Learning Games – Create a learning game to help participants discover key ideas/concepts.

Drama & Role Playing – Invite students to act out a Bible story or role-play a situation.

Practicum – Give time for participants to practice what they have learned.

Partner Share – Turn to a partner to answer a question or share an experience.

Problem Solve – Divide participants into groups. Give them a problem they need to solve together. Then share together as a whole group.

Brainstorm – Introduce a topic and have participants brainstorm ideas.

Corner Questions – Place a different question in each corner of the room. Divide participants into small groups and have them move from corner to corner, answering each question together.

Read and Discuss Scripture – Divide into small groups for Scripture reading and discussion.

Summarize – Pause and ask participants to summarize the most important thing they heard.

Hand Motions – Add hand motions or actions to a key teaching point; better yet, invite participants to create their own hand motions.

Speed Sharing – Form two lines facing each other. Each pair has 30-60 seconds to answer a given question. After time is up, one of the lines moves down one person and the activity is repeated.

Objects – Place several different random objects on the floor. Ask participants to pick an object which reminds them of an experience or story. Share those stories together.

Scenarios – Give groups a different scenario and have them discuss how they would respond.

Ice-breakers – Play games that require quick responses and which allow participants to move around and get to know one another.

Art – Give participants time to draw pictures/ symbols to answer questions and communicate ideas.

Video Clips – Show a video clip. Prepare follow-up questions for group discussion.

Agree/Disagree – Invite participants to form a circle or a line. Say a statement. If they agree with your statement, they turn to their right. If they disagree, they turn to the left. If at any point they are facing someone, give them a few moments to discuss.

Answer Questions – Leave time and space for participants to ask questions. Allow participants to answer each other’s questions.

Stories – Tell a story. Invite participants to interact with you in the story. Or have participants tell a story.

Prayer – Spend time praying together.

Job opportunities at the Bible Reading Fellowship

BRF logo

BRF is entering an exciting new phase of development and is now recruiting for the following new full-time and part-time roles.

•Communications Officer
•Content Creation Administrator
•Customer Services Coordinator
•Executive Assistant to the CEO
•Fundraising Officer
•Messy Church and Who Let The Dads Out? Administrator
•Publicity and Promotions Officer
•Sales Development Officer

Click the link to find out about these jobs!

11 stats highlighting the importance of children’s, youth and family ministry

TheResource_Logo_Col_Transparent-e1412953305620Ali Campbell of The Resource says this: I have often been asked about stats related to children’s, youth and family ministry – sometimes they are hard to find or ambiguous, or just er, made up!  So, I have pulled together what I consider to be the most reliable stuff (and these are all based on UK research).

Some of these are self explanatory, some would naturally go with others – use them, mention them, shout them from the rooftops etc.

Click here to access the information.

Growing Messy Leaders training day


CPAS brings their extensive experience of growing leaders in churches to help Messy Churches. BRF’s Messy Church team and CPAS are working together to help Messy Church team members and leaders of all ages become better leaders through team-building work and leadership theory and reflective practice. These hands-on, fun, fast-moving and action-packed training days will give to those aged 9-99 (and older if required) the opportunity to understand more of the practicalities of leading a Messy Church, develop their teamwork and reflect on their inner relationship with God and those around them.

Take your Messy team to a different level. Come as a team! Bring your leaders young and old! A fun, inspirational, useful and paradigm-shifting all-age training day.

When? Saturday 14 November 2015
Where? St Paul’s Church, Oak Rd, Bursledon, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 8DT
Cost? £10 per adult, children 9-16 free.

Click here for full details on the Messy Church website

Follow: a Christian day festival for 21st century disciples

follow 2016Hosted by the Central Readers’ Council of the Church of England and open to all:

Motivational teaching, practical resource centre, inspiring worship, 24-7 prayer, world food, Messy Church

With Paula Gooder, Mark Greene, Mark Russell, Pete James, Debbie Thrower and many others

Lucy, Jane and Martyn will all be there running Messy Church, leading seminars and looking forward to chatting to as many of you as possible.

Where: De Montfort Hall, Leicester

When: 16 July 2016 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

For further information and to book visit or tel 0116 233 3111

Cost: £5 per ticket, under 5s free. Block booking advised as there is a £3 booking fee per booking