Scripture Union: Talking with children about war and terrorism

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In the event of war and acts of terrorism, the media depicts graphic scenes of devastation and destruction, with images of dead bodies, weeping survivors and heavily camouflaged military personnel. Parents often wonder if, when, and how to explain to their children. Their questions are likely to be tough to answer but, as with all important discussions, being honest and keeping communication lines open and is essential. Some concerns won’t get settled quickly so be ready to revisit previous discussions as events unfold.

You know your child, their individual personality and temperament. Some children are naturally more prone to be fearful. Such fear may manifest itself in stomach-aches, bad dreams, poor sleep patterns, unusual clinging, irritability and so on.  Graphic news reports may heighten feelings of anxiety. Some children will simply not pay much attention. At the other extreme, some children can get overloaded and become numb due to the repetitive nature of the reports.

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