60 summer fun activity ideas for children

child in summer

Felecity Mollohan writes on the Ministry to Children blog:

Well, it’s that time again. It’s summer. We are taking a well-deserved break from school and enjoying the nice weather. It’s also the time when my boys start saying, “There’s nothing to do!” Translated, this means, “Entertain us, Mom!” I’m prepared this year! I’ve made up a list of 60 items that they can do alone and with me. I will be making 2 jars for them. One jar will be a “Do Alone or With Your Brother” jar and the other jar will be a “Do With Mom” jar. By having the two jars, we will have some new ideas for things to do together, as well as new ideas for them to do apart from me. I’m going to print out the cards, laminate them, and sort them between the two jars.

Click here for a downloadable sheet of ideas to get you going.


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