Tell me a story…skills you can use – by author Steven James

children's ministry magazine logoSteven James, writing in Children’s Ministry Magazine, gives us some super tips for story telling with a twist:

“The Bible is the greatest love story ever written and the most thrilling adventure ever told. Yet all too often in children’s ministry, when it’s time for retelling events from Scripture, kids groan with boredom. Somehow we’ve managed to drain the wonder out of the most wondrous, true story of all.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Here are simple keys to improve your storytelling skills as you strive to reach children with the greatest story of all.

KEY #1: Look for What Goes Wrong

Think about Jesus visiting Mary and Martha’s home. Mary sat reverently at Jesus’ feet while Martha got stressed out trying to get the lamb chops ready in time for dinner. I know I’m supposed to be more like Mary. I know that; but when it comes right down to it, I see more of myself in Martha.

To be honest, Mary kind of annoys me. She’s too good. Too perfect. And it’s not just me; most people I talk to can relate to Martha as well.

Here’s why: In almost any story, we tend to identify with the person who has the struggle, not the one who does everything right.

So when approaching your story, rather than asking, “What happens?” or “What lesson is this trying to teach?” ask “Who struggles? What does he or she discover? How does he or she change?”

When you determine who has the struggle, it’ll lead you deeper into the heart of the event’s meaning, make it easier to remember, and help you avoid the need to explain everything when you’re through telling it.

KEY #2: Let Your Stories S.O.A.R!

You can read this and more tips by logging on to the Children’s Ministry Magazine website.


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