Christian Aid Collective Ambassadors

Christian Aid Collective Ambassadors

We’ve had an email from Christian Aid to tell us about their new programme for our most engaged and talented young supporters (aged 14-18):

Our Collective Ambassadors programme isn’t ordinary.

We are looking for game changers; young people who are enraged by poverty, enraged that 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry every night and wanting to do something about it.

Does that sound like you?

We want to spend seven months investing in game changers. We believe that if we come together as a movement of young people we can end global poverty. But to do that, we need leaders; young people who want to rally their friends to shout out against injustice.

Join us and we will train you up with all our campaigning know how, using the latest expertise from within Christian Aid. We will share powerful stories from across the globe to inspire you. You’ll meet and build community with other young people, just as passionate about ending poverty as you. And you’ll be able to deepen your understanding on why faith has to lead to action for those most in need.

It will kick off in November with events happening simultaneously across the country. You’ll be trained and equipped with everything you need as well as having your local Collective intern there to inspire you to take action and to support you to make the biggest difference possible along the way.

Once inspired, equipped and trained, you’ll take the lead, investing a couple of hours a week in inspiring your friends to turn their faith into action and prayer.

Read more, and find out who to contact, here.


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