Sticky Faith training in Dibden Purlieu, 17 June 2015

Sticky Faith

What is Sticky Faith?
The Christian church has a problem that we’ve known about for many years. The simple fact is that vast numbers of young people in our churches and Christian youth/children’s groups give up on faith in their teenage years and early adulthood, often having nothing further to do with the church. Survey after survey shows it to be a huge issue, but up to now we’ve seemed powerless to do much about it.

The Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) in the USA has carried out the most comprehensive research yet into the problem of young people giving up on faith. As a result they have produced a raft of resources to help youth/children’s leaders, parents and others to be fully equipped to help young people stick at their faith so that it lasts through into adulthood – hence the reason they call it Sticky Faith!

What can I expect at the Sticky Faith training?
We are hosting the regional Urban Saints and Scripture Union training, where with others from local churches, we will start by exploring together the main findings from the FYI research and putting it into a UK church context. We then provide a choice of workshop looking at practical ways of putting Sticky Faith into practice in various settings. We finish altogether with an opportunity for feedback, questions and some final thoughts. The training is primarily aimed at those who volunteer within the 5 to 18 age groups, although others such as parents and grandparents will find it very helpful too.

Refreshments are provided free of charge during the evening.

How much does it cost and how do I book in?
The Sticky Faith training evenings are free of charge to all who come. However we do ask that everyone planning to attend books in by email so that we can provide sufficient refreshments and handouts. (You are welcome to book in others from your church/youth group at the same time as yourself but please check they will be attending before making the booking.)

To book in send an email to putting ‘Sticky Faith Southampton’ in the subject line and giving the following information:
Your name;
A contact phone number;
The name of your church + town;
The number of places you are booking.

They will acknowledge all bookings, and nearer to the event will email you directions to the venue and parking information.

Date and Venue
Dibden Purlieu – Wednesday June 17th 2015
St Andrew’s Church, Beaulieu Road, Dibden Purlieu, Southampton, SO45 4PT

7:00 pm Refreshments and Registration
7:30 pm Welcome and notices
7:40 pm SESSION 1 – Setting the Scene: A quick overview of the key findings from the FYI research and how these should be interpreted for the UK church context.
8:15 pm SESSION 2 – Developing Sticky Faith: A choice of two practical workshop looking at how to develop sticky faith in young people in different contexts; Church, community and home.
9:30 pm SESSION 3 – Final Thoughts: A chance to provide feedback or ask questions about the evening so far, and some final thoughts about what comes next!
9:45 pm End

Download a flier here.


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