Five actions which will change the lives of children in care

adoptionHere’s a really interesting article by Krish Kandiah on the Christianity Today website:

We knew things were bad when the veteran social workers told me that they had never seen a case like it. It was so bad that they had started a support group for the professionals that were involved in the case. Our family’s job was to care for the preschool children that were caught in the middle of it. As I watched my big 16-year-old son scoop up one of the children in his arms when she started to cry, or my 8-year-old daughter get the breakfast cereal out for her new foster brother in the morning, I was confident that as a family we could work together to fight the corner for these children to make sure they got the love and care they needed.  While my wife advocated for them at case conferences, I got to be DJ for an impromptu dance party in the lounge. I know that our family is not unique – there are hundreds of Christian families around the UK who are passionate about making sure looked after children get better life outcomes. A movement of people is coming together and I believe it is part of the next phase of the church’s engagement with poverty and injustice.

Click here for the full article.


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