SnapChat Hack

Icon_100pxIf you’ve got young people in your church, then there is a strong chance that at least some of them will be using SnapChat. The idea of the Social Media Network is that young people can take photos, annotate them and then send them to friends. The picture will appear on the friend’s screen for a few seconds and then be deleted. No picture is saved on SnapChat’s servers and technically speaking all traces of the interaction are destroyed.

However, as with so much tech, where there’s a way for something to be subverted it will be, and so third party developers have found ways around the SnapChat safeguards, and have allowed people receiving pictures to store them, and as you will have seen in the news, these stores were recently hacked, with thousands of pictures, many of them of young people have been leaked to the internet.

The vast majority of these pictures were entirely innocent, and as they weren’t linked with usernames, there is no easy way to trace a photo back to a particular individual. Some of the pictures were however sexual in nature, and any young people who may have used SnapChat to send graphic photos of themselves will now be worried that their pictures are in the public domain.

Below is the official press release from CEOP from their ThinkUKNow website.

If you work with young people, now might be the time to offer support and care for anyone who is concerned about the SnapChat hack.

“There has been a lot of press coverage reporting the upload of a large number of stolen Snapchat photos to the internet.

These images have apparently been taken from a third party site ‘Snapsaved’ which appears to have been hacked. ‘Snapsaved’ enables users to save Snapchat pictures rather than see them disappear but in doing so saves the images on its own servers. Press reports state that it is images from this database which have been uploaded and made available via the 4Chan discussion boards. This story from The Independent provides background.

From the press reports it would appear that:

It is unlikely the images are linked to usernames so it would be hard to locate a photo of an individual
There is no additional personal information associated with images
Most of the images are not sexual
Despite this, young people you work with may be concerned that images of them have been uploaded. It’s really important that they are provided with support and know what to do if they lose control of a sexual image. It’s never too late to get help.

Young people can:

Talk to a counsellor at ChildLine on 0800 1111 or at ChildLine will also work with the Internet Watch Foundation to notify sites hosting images to have them removed.
If young people are being harassed, threatened or blackmailed because of a sexual image they can report to us at CEOP via the CEOP report form at
If images end up on a site they can often report to the sites where they have been shared. Find out how to report to some popular sites here.
An education response

If you’d like to explore this issue with young people you work with, use the ‘News’ section of Thinkuknow – we’ve posted an article about it here.

Young people should be made aware of the potential consequences of sharing sexual images. They can visit Thinkuknow for 11-13s or Thinkuknow for 14+ for advice and films on the topic.

If you’re concerned about young people being blackmailed over images they have shared you can also access the ‘Webcam with Confidence’ fact sheet and assembly which tackles this issue from the Thinkuknow for Teachers Resources Area.”

Church of England Youth Council – FREE WEEKEND AWAY!



This year the Church of England Youth Council celebrates its 10th anniversary – that’s ten years of young people from across the nation, meeting to talk about the Anglican Church, and to feed reflections and thoughts into the structures and powers that be!

Winchester has been well represented over the last couple of years, with a couple of young people attending the meetings and then feeding back to the Bishops and senior staff here on what young people across the church are saying and thinking.

With the next residential approaching – we are looking for 2 more young people who could step up to the plate and join the fun.

CEYC will be gathering in Lichfield from Friday 7th November to Sunday 9th November. The conference is free, and the Diocese of Winchester will even pay for your travel to get there… so… if you fancy getting involved please email

Hallowe’en, A Night of Hope.

WorldVision have come up with the most amazing way of using the traditional Hallowe’en pumpkin as a symbol of hope for the children of Syria. Here’s what it says on their website:

“For most, Halloween is a night of excitement, friendly frights and safe scares. But for the children of Syria the fear is very real. And it’s every night of the year.

The Syrian civil war is in its fourth year, and has stolen the childhoods of millions of children. Children like Hani, 8, have seen unspeakable horrors. They have witnessed the deaths of family members, endured sleepless nights of bombing and fighting, and now live in constant fear and uncertainty.

This Halloween, show the children of Syria that they have not been forgotten.”

Their website contains all sorts of resources to help you celebrate #ANightOfHope as well as the invitation to text HEART to 70060 to donate £5 to WorldVision

Soul Survivor are coming to town!

Just back from planning our next SoulNet meeting (Saturday 8th November, 9.30-11.30, St Paul’s Church, Bursledon), with the very exciting news that Ali Etheridge (off of your actual Soul Survivor) will be coming to join us!

Worship and teaching led by Soul Survivor, bacon and coffee courtesy of the diocese… what’s not to like?!

If you’d like to come, pleeeeease let us know by commenting below (we nearly ran out of bacon last time…).


Cracking Ministry…


It’s official… we have event envy…

On Saturday Pete was invited to speak at ‘One Step Beyond’; the Family, Children and Youth conference for the Dioceses of Bristol and Bath & Wells… and 190 people turned up!

So… it’s competition time. On Saturday 15th November we are hosting ‘Cracking Ministry’ our brand new conference day for people involved at the forefront of ministry in the Diocese of Winchester with Families, Children and Youth. 10 speakers, on 10 subjects and each for 10 minutes… And then the chance to spend 45 minutes grilling your favourite one to make sure they’ve ‘really thought it through’. Speakers both national and local, and topics as diverse as prayer and porn… What’s not to love?!

What’s more… it’s a bargain – £8 per person (including coffee and high quality biscuits) and if you bring more than £5 people from your church you’ll pay no more than £40 – amazing!

Booking is simple… just email

Come on… you don’t want to be beaten by Bath and Wells… Do you?

Open the Book Conference – Diocese of Salisbury

Tuesday, 14_main_image_The-First-Covenant-God-and-Noah-(high-res) October  2014
09.30 – 15.30 hrs
Salisbury Diocesan Education Centre, Wilton

All those already involved with Open the Book: volunteers, school staff, governors, clergy.  Come and celebrate and learn with us!

Share ideas, best practice and stories, and reflect on what difference Open the Book makes in our schools and parishes

Course Content:

  • further build on the success of Open the Book with your school
  • celebrate Open the Book’s 15th birthday
  • celebrate the new Open the Book website with new resources
  • explore the Christmas stories and Christmas props
  • follow on / Deeper In activities for Advent and Christmas including: Posada, Christmas, Life Path and Prayer Space


  • PSA: 1 credit, including one member of the school staff and up to four parish partners
  • Parish attendees without a member of the school staff: £12 for each attendee
  • Non-PSA: £120 + VAT for each attendee

For more information and for a booking form.  Please contact the course administrator Anna Tucker:

Resource Pack for Alternative Hallowe’en Parties

BibleHalloweenIt’s time to release the grip that Halloween has on our children – let’s fight darkness with LIGHT! Friends and Heroes’ Bright Sparks Party Pack can help! Friends and Heroes Bright Sparks is an exciting and fun party pack for churches and others involved in children’s ministry to use on 31 October – or any party occasion! Bringing some Gospel light into our increasingly dark world, Bright Sparks focuses on light; both the Pharos lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour in Alexandria and also on Sollie, the ‘Bright Spark’ friend and neighbour of Macky.

Choc ‘n’ Chat Conversation Cards

faith-in-homes-1How well do families know each other – their likes and dislikes, hopes and fears? Words don’t come easy sometimes, so FaithinHomes has come up with an exercise that is a fun and easy way to chat and get to know more about each other.

This can be done around the dining table, sitting in the lounge, in the car, on a picnic or anywhere you fancy. And it doesn’t have to involve chocolates – it could be anything your family enjoys.

To start, each person in your family group needs a few small pieces of paper or card and a pen/pencil. Next, on each piece of paper, you all write a question about something you would like to know about the others in your family group.

Questions might include:

  • Which part of the day do you like the best?
  • Who would you most like to meet?
  • Where would you most like to go on holiday?
  • Who do you most admire, and why?
  • What are you most frightened of?
  • If you were God for the day, what three things would you do, and why?
  • If you met Jesus in the street, what would you want to ask him, and why?

Mix up everyone’s cards and place them in a pile face down. Now, take it in turns to pick up a card. Read it out loud and then give everyone a turn to answer, including the person who picked up the card.

After you have all answered, say, three questions, you all get to choose a chocolate to enjoy (or your food of choice).