“parents are… hypocrites” – Young People and Social Media [Free Book!]

I absolutely loved this article from Fuller Youth Institute with Danah Boyd, a researcher at Microsoft and the current “reigning expert on how young people use the Internet.”

With quotes like “I… find that many parents hate when phones are seen as a disruption, but are completely unable to check their own practices around this. So many teens that I meet complain that their parents place restrictions on their technology use that they don’t abide by. Teens are fully aware of when their parents are being hypocrites. So my advice to parents is to start by collectively constructing household rules that *everyone* (parents and children) agree to. This is so much more productive when negotiated as a household, not top-down.” You know that the stuff is going to be dynamite.

I’ll try and review the book when I’ve read it!

A frame-work for discussing tragedy with young people

Following the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Danielle Dowd (the Diocesan Youth Missioner) has put together a framework to help local churches open up discussions with young people. Mary Hawes, the National Going for Growth (Children and Youth) Officer has adapted this so that it could be used following other tragedies, from sudden death to global disaster.

it’s a brilliant document, well worth reading and storing away in case a time arises when it might come in handy.

FREE Light Party Pack from Scripture Union

The Scripture Union Light Party Pack is an absolute must for any church thinking about running an alternative option for children and families this hallowe’en. It’s free and comes with a selection of other downloadable resources too.

If you’re planning a light party let us know and we can advertise it for you.

If you’re planning something different this Hallowe’en we’d love to hear about that too!

Festive – creative and engaging ways to share the amazing gospel at college

Festive is a new initiative from UCCF and Scripture Union providing resources to young people who want to run Christian Unions in the Sixth Form college.

It includes Bible Study ideas, posters and other resources to help your young people lead a successful CU. Let us know if you use the material and how it fared.