Cracking Line Up!

Cracking Ministry Cropped

We’re very excited to reveal the preliminary line up of speakers for Cracking Ministry with Families, Children and Young People on Saturday 15 November at St. Paul’s Church,  Bursledon:

(Tickets £8, groups of 5 or more £40, email

All Together – Does hope for the church lie in bringing all ages together?
Murray Wilkinson
Children and Young people’s Ministry Adviser – Canterbury Diocese

Selling Jesus – Can marketing strategies ever help us share the gospel?
Dave Welch
Diocesan Youth Officer – Guildford Diocese

The Porn Problem What exactly are our children and young people looking at online? And what effect is it having on them?
Sarah Percival
Romance Academy

Prayer with Children What might a church full of praying children look like?
Sam Jordan
Families Pastor – Highfield Church

All Inclusive? Is inclusion possible in children’s and youth ministry?
Mark Arnold
Urban Saints

Learn to Listen What can counselling teach us in ministry?
Kay Pead
Family and Children’s Worker – Brockenhurst Parish Church

Sex Is the church completely missing the mark in the way it addresses sex?
Pete Larkum
Winchester YMCA

Households of Faith Have parents exported responsibility for faith development to the professionals?
Mary Hawes
National Going for Growth (Children and Youth) Adviser

 Get Out More Is it time that the church got out into the community?
Tracey Hemmerdinger
Youth and Community Work Trainer and Consultant


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