FREE!!! Day Passes to Soul Survivor

Ali Etheridge from Soul Survivor writes:

“We would love for you to help us spread the word that this summer we are offering free passes to youth leaders who would like to check out Soul Survivor for the first time (including Scotland, Stafford and Weeks B & C in Somerset.) Passes will be available for Days 2, 3 and 4 so that youth leaders can come along to the SoulNet breakfasts and seminars at 9am on those days. After the seminar they will get a little tour of what’s going on across the site with SoulNet Director, Ali Etheridge, before joining the main meeting at 11am. They will then be free to enjoy the rest of the day as they please.

Passes will need to be booked in advance via the office (by email or by phone 0303 333 1333) and will only be available to those who have never previously been to a Soul Survivor summer conference.

Thanks in advance for your help in letting as many people know as possible.

Passes are available for:

Soul Survivor Scotland ​Wednesday 16th – Friday 17th July
Week A in Stafford Saturday 26th – Monday 28th July
Week B in Somerset Wednesday 13th – Friday 15th August
Week C in Somerset Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th August ”

I’m hoping to pop up sometime in Week C if anyone fancies a road trip… Drop me a line –


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