ROOTS – Resources and Events

Roots logoROOTS resources are published in two magazines – Adult & All Age and Children & Young People, plus a supporting website.

If you’d like a free sample magazine, phone 0845 680 5317, or email to request a copy.

Remembering War and Building Peace
An all-age service to commemorate the First World War

SoldierThe year 2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War and over the next five years significant events during that conflict will be commemorated. This service offers a biblical context based around the story of Joshua in which to begin our reflections on a long and epoch-making conflict.
This flexible service has been written by Ruth Pyke, the Children’s Work Adviser in the diocese of St Albans, and can be used with children and adults of all ages, in a range of different local contexts.

 Ideas for the summer
These activities are normally only available to ROOTS subscribers but ROOTS has provided them free for you to try.

  1. Holiday Club suitable for ages 5 – 13
    We’re going on a journey: Travel-themed ideas based on Biblical characters. Travel with the Israelites as they leave Egypt, journey with Abraham across the desert, set sail with Jonah, and return home with the Prodigal Son. Four sessions for an activity day, or spread over different sessions with games, dramas, craft activities, stories and prayers.
  2. Safari Service
    This open-air, all-age, ecumenical service celebrates and prays for significant places in the local community.

Gathering Together
Gathering and welcoming everyone at the start of a service or session brings the community together in preparation for worship. ROOTS offer a variety of ways to do this.

Both sets of ROOTS resources include:
Prepare the space, a suggestion for a focal point to stimulate interest in the context or topic of the Bible reading. There is always a Gathering prayer, and in the Adult & All Age resources, some Gathering words and a Call to worship. Additionally in Children & Young People, there is a Gathering activity which could be started with the first to come, with others joining in as they arrive.

TheearthSee some examples from 15 June, Trinity Sunday, based on the creation story in Genesis.


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