5 Top Tips to get your Youth Group Reading the Bible

5 bible reading tips


It’s a struggle to read the bible in a world that’s this busy – as adults we often find it difficult to find the time to devote even a few minutes to stopping and dipping into God’s word – it’s no easier for young people, for many of whom books are… um… a closed book…

Here are five top tips for getting your group reading their bibles more regularly…

1. UCB’s (clunkily titled) Word 4U 2Day has now been running for donkeys years… I remember when it was only available in paper format… paper!
Now the notes are available on a website and there’s an app for iOS too, as well as Facebook an twitter feeds. With articles, stories and loads more, it’s definitely a website worth exploring.

2. Scripture Union’s WordLive isn’t specifically aimed at young people, but there’s so much material available that there’s bound to be something to attract the attention of your teens. Again with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ presence there’s loads of ways to interact with this site.

3. Tearfund have produced a lovely little rule of life app called Rhythms which combines Bible reflection with action and spirituality  and raising awareness about global social issues. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links to the Android and iOS apps.

4. There are loads of Bible apps for your smart phone and YouVersion is perhaps the biggest and best of the bunch. With loads of Bible versions available (many for free) and a whole host of different bible reading plans including Scripture Union’s rather brilliant E100 (Essential 100 Challenge) you’re bound to find something that your group can engage with with.

5. The Bible. I know – a bit controversial at the end there… perhaps one reason that your young people aren’t reading their bibles is because they don’t have access to a bible! Or maybe they’ve just got bored with the one they’ve got (familiarity breeding contempt and all) nothing gets me running like a new pair of trainers, and nothing gets me journalling like a nice new notebook. Perhaps investing in some new ‘gear’ would get your group reinvigorated – have a look at CLC Bookshop’s ‘youth bible’ selection, or go for the Soul Survivor Bible in One Year with the accompanying website, and set yourselves a real challenge!


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