Praying with lollies

Thanks to Jane Butcher, from the Diocese of Portsmouth for this tip:

A simple, fun and tasty way to pray together as a family. Simply colour some lolly sticks, select some prayer topics and you are ready to go. This prayer activity could be used each day for a week or over a period of time. Getting ready you will need:
•a small polystyrene block or play dough
•small pack of sweet lollies
•felt tip pens.


Choose three topics you would like to pray about – it could be family, friends, school, work, a neighbour, world issues. Write each topic on a card and highlight the topic with a colour – for example, red, blue or green.  Next, mark the bottom of the lolly sticks with your three chosen colours – for example, if you have six lollies, colour two sticks red, two sticks blue and two sticks green – and poke the sticks into the polystyrene or play dough so the colours on the bottom of the sticks are hidden from view.  Using the prayer lollies choose a suitable time for your family prayer activity and sit together in a quiet place. One person then selects one of the lollies from the display and uses the colour on the bottom of the stick to select the topic for prayer – for example, using the suggestion above, a lolly with a red-coloured stick would mean praying for family/friends. Think about the topic together before you pray and then all enjoy a lolly afterwards – have some extra lollies available so everyone can have one!


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