5 Movies to Watch and Talk About with your Youth Group

5 moviesWatching a movie with your youth group is always a good activity – all the better if you can choose a film that will trigger some great discussion. These are all films with plenty of scope for theological reflection.

1. Finding Nemo – a story about a father who travel round the world to rescue his disobedient son… um… the discussion’s made really!


2. The Matrix – still looks great 15 years later… a choice between living with your eyes closed or discovering what’s really going on in the world around you… a saviour who has to die in order to rescue humanity… (plus it’s a brilliant movie).


3. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – Disney do a stunning job with CS Lewis’ 1950s classic. Christ’s death and resurrection as portrayed by Aslan’s sacrifice is bound to get some conversations started.


4. The Hunger Games – the portrayal of rich and poor in this movie is desperately uncomfortable for any of us living in the west – ask your group whether they relate to the capital or to one of the subject districts.


5.  The Lord of the Rings – the complete trilogy. Bit of a marathon, but a great way to spend a day with a group of movie loving young people, and loads of scope for theological reflection.


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