5 tasty treats to cook with your youth group

5 tasty treats

Cooking with your youth group is great fun, and a good way to get discussion going. Here are five simple things for you to cook together.

1. Rocky Road. Really simple, and totally adaptable, mix together melted chocolate with biscuit, marshmallows, cherries, sweets, chocolates… whatever you fancy! Spoon into cupcake cases and leave to set.

2. Teal Light S’mores. This american classic can easily be adapted for any situation; stick marshmallows onto sticks and toast over tea lights. When they’re toasted sandwich them between two biscuits and a chunk of chocolate. The ultimate campfire delicacy. (Keep a bowl of water to hand for any accidentally combusting marshmallows).

3. Pizzas. Either buy ready made pizza bases or if you’re feeling adventurous make bread dough with your group from scratch. Have a jar of tomato sauce (tomato pasta sauce works great) a big bowl of grated cheese and a selection of toppings.

4. Chocolate Dipping. use up any unwanted(?) Easter Eggs… break the chocolate up into a bowl and melt it in the microwave or over a bain marie. Prepare stuff to stick on skewers: strawberries, grapes, marshmallows, cake chunks… include a few crazier options: salted pretzels, crispy bacon and ritz crackers are all good, and then get dipping…

5. Pasta. Making your own pasta is great fun, really simple, and something just a little bit different… Mix together 600g of pasta flour and 6 large eggs. Use your fingers and keep mixing and kneading until you have a good smooth dough (either do this in one big bowl and give everyone a chance to have a go at kneading – or make 6 bowls each with 100g flour and 1 egg). Knead and knead (and chat and chat!) Once your dough is smooth and springy you’ll need to roll it out into a thin sheet. If you’re using a pasta machine you’ll have lots of fun, make sure everyone has a go! Otherwise, dust a surface with more flour, get out a rolling pin, and get rolling. You’ll need to roll it really thin (tagliatelle thin) and then carefully cut into strips with a sharp knife. Dump in boiling water for a couple of minutes and serve with a choice of sauces, or just butter and grated cheese…

What recipes would you add to our list?


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