Why does the average Christian youthwork post only last 18 months?

Are you paid to work with young people aged 11 -19?

Are you a Christian?

Then Cafe Leadership desperately want to hear from you… Did you know that research suggests that the average youthwork job lasts for between 18months and 3 years? That’s terrible news for young people, and terrible news for the church. There are 101 given reasons for why retention is so terrible in youthwork, and Cafe Leadership want to try and find out the definitive reasons for why it’s so bad… and work out what can be done to stem the flow…

So – please could you have a little look at their research page and commit a short amount of time to completing the questionnaire?


5 Movies to Watch and Talk About with your Youth Group

5 moviesWatching a movie with your youth group is always a good activity – all the better if you can choose a film that will trigger some great discussion. These are all films with plenty of scope for theological reflection.

1. Finding Nemo – a story about a father who travel round the world to rescue his disobedient son… um… the discussion’s made really!


2. The Matrix – still looks great 15 years later… a choice between living with your eyes closed or discovering what’s really going on in the world around you… a saviour who has to die in order to rescue humanity… (plus it’s a brilliant movie).


3. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – Disney do a stunning job with CS Lewis’ 1950s classic. Christ’s death and resurrection as portrayed by Aslan’s sacrifice is bound to get some conversations started.


4. The Hunger Games – the portrayal of rich and poor in this movie is desperately uncomfortable for any of us living in the west – ask your group whether they relate to the capital or to one of the subject districts.


5.  The Lord of the Rings – the complete trilogy. Bit of a marathon, but a great way to spend a day with a group of movie loving young people, and loads of scope for theological reflection.

5 Questions to ask your Youth Group about… Media

5 questions mediaAsking young people questions – getting conversation started, is at the heart of youth ministry.  In this series of 5 Questions to ask your Youth Group we will provide conversation starting questions for you to explore with your youth group.


1. What do you think Jesus’ favourite TV show would be ?

2. How would you describe your church in 140 characters or less?

3. List together all of the different forms of media that you interact with – are there any you could do without? Is there one which you would keep above all others?

4. People often say that you shouldn’t trust anything you read in the papers – why do you think that is?

5. Should the way we interact with media be different because we are Christians? If so, how?