Noah – Free community resources for the forthcoming movie

Nick Pollard from Damaris writes:

Dear friends,

It was so good to work in partnership with you last year around the Channel 5 broadcast of THE BIBLE series. We achieved so much together as people across the nation talked about the Bible. Now we have another opportunity – and perhaps together we can do something even greater!

Noah (in UK cinemas from April 4th) is an epic film inspired by the Bible story of Noah – for details see From the visionary filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, and starring Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connolly, Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins, Noah will once more give us many wonderful opportunities to encourage a conversation about the Bible.

Last week I was delighted to join my friends at Paramount Pictures to read the entire script and watch a large amount of the footage. I can tell you that this is a powerful and inspirational film that has great potential to draw people into the Bible. Of course it is not a word-for-word retelling of the biblical story – it is far more than that. Whilst faithfully telling the core story, this film brilliantly takes us into the mind of Noah and sets his task and the flood in the wider context of the whole biblical narrative. As someone who loves the Bible and has read (and preached on) the Noah story very many times I am sure that this film has a marvellous potential to encourage people to think about questions of faith and doubt, righteousness and wickedness, judgment and mercy, and the relationship between humanity, the world and God. It can stimulate people to look at the original story for themselves. It can provoke a national conversation about the Bible. It can do so much! But for this to happen all of us who worked together so well on THE BIBLE series need to join together again to make the most of Noah.

Please will you:

  • use the free official community resources we will be publishing at Sign-up now to receive a free copy of them in a glossy book with a cover mounted DVD.
  • join us in using the graphics and adverts to tell other people about the film and our free official resources.

Yours truly,

Nick Pollard
Co-founder of Damaris



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