Helping all ages to respond to the Bible reading


When we hear a Bible reading, we all engage and connect to it in different ways. Each week, ROOTS provides activities to use across the whole age-range, helping us all to think about the reading. ROOTS offers a range of activities to supplement the sermon or talk, to help people make sense of the passage for themselves. Worship leaders can choose from a wide range of ideas, and ROOTS also provides all the supporting material that you will need, including templates for craft activities, images and drama scripts.   

Click here to see the summary text for the week beginning Sunday 12 January 2014, and then scroll down and click on any of the Respond to the Word activities. They’re all linked to one of the lectionary readings for that Sunday, Matthew 3.13-17, which explores the baptism of Jesus.

These activities are normally only available to ROOTS subscribers, but ROOTS has provided these free for you to try.         
ROOTS resources are published in two magazines – Adult & All Age and Children & Young People, plus a supporting website. If you’d like a free sample magazine, phone 0845 680 5317, or email to request a copy.


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