Sharing your faith at work: embarassing, inappropriate and unprofessional? An event for 18-30s


“Lord, I spend so much time with my colleagues and yet I seem to speak of you so little and, when I do, I can’t help but feel like I’ve fluffed it.” How many of us have prayed something like this?

For a lot of people the word ‘evangelism’ comes with a serious amount of baggage. Join LICC for a relaxed evening dedicated to giving working Christians aged 18-30 a chance to explore how we speak to our colleagues about Jesus.

Alongside open times of discussion, apologist and author Amy Orr-Ewing will unpack talking about Jesus in a secular culture, offering practical tools for handling today’s big questions. Young business professional, Jeremy Moses (Agape Graduate Movement) will also share some of his own story, ranging from being open about his beliefs to leading a colleague to faith.

To attend in person, click here.
To attend online, click here. A nominal fee will be charged if you want an ad-free download.


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