Jesse Tree ideas

Jesse TreeThanks to Ben Mizen at for the following:

The idea of the Jesse Tree can have more uses than just making the symbols and hanging them on a tree:

•Photocopy two sets of the symbols on to thin card & cut them out. Play Pelmanism (matching pairs) with younger children. As they turn over each symbol just mention who/what it represents. The winner is obviously the one who gets the most pairs!
•Scatter a set of symbols face up. Challenge the children to put them into biblical/historical order. Time them & challenge them to improve their time. (Make sure you know the correct order!!!!)
•Make a set of names/events to match the symbols. Scatter them with the symbols face down and play Pelmanism – matching symbol & name. Winner is the one with the most pairs.
•Make a set of Biblical references to match the symbols. Scatter them with the symbols –play Pelmanism as above.
•Drive your group crazy – and play Pelmanism with Symbols, Names AND Bible references! Matching 3 rather than 2!!
•With older children – hand out the Biblical references and challenge them to design a symbol for the character/event.
And of course you can just make the symbols & hang them one by one on a tree during Advent J

This site has a good set of simple symbols for copying (with some unusual characters and a decent proportion of women) along with the Biblical References. Use the bmp format for printing rather than the gif.

And Going for Growth has links with a whole bunch of other Jesse Tree links



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