Romsey Deanery Shoebox Service

operation christmas childWe’ve been asked to invite you to the Romsey Deanery Shoebox Service for OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD
When? Sunday 17th November, 3.00pm
Where? St John’s Church, Lockerley, SO51 0JJ
Led by Rev. James Pitkin
Bring your friends, families and your gift-filled shoeboxes to their annual Deanery service.
Followed by refreshments and a chance to help
load the van.

For more details, contact:
Mary Savage Tel: 01794 367908
Julia Barnett Tel: 01794 340793
James Pitkin Tel: 01794 340635

Children’s ministry in the way of Jesus


Yvonne Morris, Children’s Adviser in the Diocese of Oxford, reviews this new book by David Csinos and Ivy Beckwith:

“Simply brilliant! If I could influence church leaders and children’s ministry practitioners to read just one book on children’s ministry, Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus would be the one. In this book Dave and Ivy have achieved something remarkable as they have captured the current picture of children’s ministry in the West, succinctly set that picture within recent history and used their collective wisdom, experience and knowledge to purposefully provide the settings for an alternative future in children’s work–a future not solely focused on educative or entertaining programs and children’s cognitive ability but a much more holistic approach. One that is more intentionally nurturing and formational to children as spiritual beings, theologians, disciples of Jesus and worshipers of God within, of course, a church community–a community that is intergenerational, humble and willing to journey with them as fellow travelers and colearners as we all seek to grow in the way of Jesus day by day. Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus needs and deserves to be one of the most influential texts on children’s ministry of our generation and in years to come.”

Why we should be prepared for the multi-screen world of children

screens kids-and-technology
You’ve probably noticed that kids (and adults) are engaged with screens…a lot. Studies show that 90% of our daily media interactions are screen based. Kids watch videos, search the web, take notes and save information at the same time using multiple devices. Instead of being distracted by the multiple devices, they are multi-tasking with them! Bottom line…we live in a multi-screen world. Are you prepared to connect with the next generation that is immersed in this screen saturated world?

Read more on the Relevant Children’s Ministry website here.

Free resources for Remembrance Sunday and Advent

Roots logoThe ROOTS website at offers a wealth of material to celebrate seasonal events. Most of the material is only available to ROOTS subscribers, but the following seasonal materials are now free for all to download.
New Remembrance prayers – including an all-age prayer
An all-age service for Advent – The service is in four parts. Starting with creation, it moves to the Old Testament promise of justice, the coming of the Saviour and finally the expression of hope in Revelation

Helping all ages to pray together

Roots logo

Prayer is so central to our worship, but how easy do we find it to write prayers – especially for times when all ages are together?  Each week, ROOTS provides specially-written prayers for you to use or adapt as you wish. Click here to see all the prayers and prayer activities for Sunday 24 November as an example of prayers that you can use across the whole age-range. They’re all linked to one of the lectionary readings for that Sunday, Luke 23.33-43, which celebrates Christ the King.

These prayers are normally only available to ROOTS subscribers, but ROOTS has provided these free for you to try.

ROOTS resources are published in two magazines – Adult & All Age and Children & Young People, plus a supporting website. If you’d like a free sample magazine, phone 0845 680 5317, or email to request a copy.

What’s theology got to do with children’s welfare?

How did we make theology so boring?

That’s a question Canon Dr Angus Ritchie, Director of the Contextual Theology Centre, asked – and addressed – in theseventh annual Edward Rudolf Lecture recently.

The speech, delivered at St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, was titled ‘What’s theology got to do with children’s welfare?’. He discussed how theology is not only deeply relevant to how we treat children and young people but how this should be exciting and accessible. Angus Ritchie said: ‘In his words and in his deeds, [Jesus] places the youngest and the poorest at the heart of the Kingdom. He tells his disciples that when they welcome children and when they care for those who lack food or shelter, they are welcoming and caring for him. . . But he goes further than this. He suggests that if we are to speak of God – to do theology, as it were – we must adopt their perspective.’

Read the article here.

Praying with children


There are so many ways to pray. Why not take some time this week to talk about and model prayer with children? Here are 10 ways you could experiment with them.

1. Pray by singing.
2. Pray simply.
3. Pray short, memorized phrases. 
4. Pray with a visual focus.
5. Pray through art.
7. Go on a prayer walk.
8. Breathe.
9. Pray in silence.
10. Pray a “pretend prayer”

 Read the whole article here.