Sticky Faith

Scripture UnionSWYMUrban SaintsWhat is Sticky Faith?

The Christian church has a problem that we’ve known about for many years. The simple fact is that vast numbers of young people in our churches and Christian youth/children’s groups give up on faith in their teenage years and
early adulthood, often having nothing further to do with the church. Survey after survey shows it to be a huge issue, but up to now we’ve seemed powerless to do much about it.

The Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) in the USA has carried out the most
comprehensive research yet into the problem of young people giving up on
faith. As a result they have produced a raft of resources to help youth/children’s
leaders, parents and others to be fully equipped to help young people stick at
their faith so that it lasts through into adulthood – hence the reason they call it
Sticky Faith!

Now, in our area, we’re offered an evening of practical training, ideas and encouragement to help parents and youth/children’s leaders working with 5s – 18s build faith that lasts in children and young people.

Where: St Paul’s, Throop, Bournemouth
When: Wednesday 20 November 2013
More details: Sticky Faith Publicity


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