Autism and Christianity

Ann Memmott is a well-respected national autism adviser and is an autistic Christian who works with the Church of England and many other Christian groups.

More than 600,000 autistic people use our churches each year. An average parish will have some 80 people on the autism spectrum living within it. That is more than the number of wheelchair users. Many have sensory, routine and/or communication needs that mean accessing a church can be very daunting. But solving most of those is very simple.

This website shows some of the wonderful friendships, love, gifts and faith of autistic people. It helps guide churches on the easy, low-cost things they can do to make a huge difference to the faith lives of autistic Christians. Research shows that churches which welcome autistic people find their congregations grow faster than the others around them. Why? Because the things that help autistic people also help nearly everyone else.


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