Conversations between parents and teenagers


A brilliant article by Susan Oh Cha and Yumi Bryana Cha from the Fuller Institue about conversations between parents and teenagers:

”As parents, we have all kinds of reasons to talk to our kids. Often we resort to talking at our kids. But how often do we really talk with our kids?”

“When we do pursue conversations with our teenagers, what is our motivation? To listen? To learn? To understand? Or are we hoping to win an argument?”

Read the whole article here.

Teenagers tell Family Lives the best and worst things about being a teenager

teenagers x 2

A Family Lives survey revealed teenagers’ greatest fears and what their advice for parents is. They wanted to find out what teens really think about life, school and everything else in between, so they ran a survey to find out. The results are fascinating and really show us what teens care and worry about the most. Read more here


Growing churches in the digital age

social media

For many churchgoing is no longer the ‘cultural norm’. People don’t actively ignore the church: they don’t even think about it. Matthew 5:13-16 calls us to be salt and light in the world, and for thousands in the ‘digital age’, that world includes social networks such Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. With literally billions in the digital spaces, the online social spaces presented by churches need to be appealing, welcoming, and not look like they are just an afterthought: they are now effectively the ‘front door’ to your church for digital users, and you ignore those spaces at your peril.

Read more of Bex Lewis’s brilliant article here

Real Advent Calendar?

Real Advent Calendar

First there were Real Easter Eggs, then Real Christmas Decorations – now there’s a Real Advent Calendar! Behind each door is a line of the Christmas story & a chocolate star – then behind the final door is The Christmas Story book. Costing £3.99 (with a donation from each sale going to the Children’s Society) the calendars can be bought online or from Tesco’s.


One Way UK – puppet and creative arts festival

one way UK puppets

Held at the Rugby College, Rugby on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd November 2013

One Way UK’s biggest event of the year! The European Puppet and Creative Arts Ministry Festival is for everyone who wants to learn how to share the gospel of Christ using their creative skills. There will be lots of practical, hands-on workshops, led by Andy Holmes and Bob Hartman from the USA as well as a wide range of special UK guests including Steve Price, Messy Church, Steve & Kay Morgan-Gurr, David Hellyer, Jason Westmoreland, Amy Robinson and more! Workshops will be for both the absolute beginner and plenty of classes for those who want to enhance their abilities.

The European Festival is a great opportunity to meet and see puppeteers of all ages from many different churches, denominations, countries and cultures. Meet, share, have a drink with, pray with, inspire and encourage each other. With over 50 workshops on offer throughout the weekend, you are sure to have a fun and creative learning experience. At the Festival there will be the largest range of resources available for you to see, try and take back home with you with new ideas and many items on special offer!

Return home inspired and equipped with skills and resources to use in your services, Messy Church, outreach and work in the schools and community!

Click here for a booking form, or visit or call the events team on 01472 241068

Certificate in residential ministry

Moorlands CollegeA 5 day course validated by Moorlands College, to help equip you to develop all types of residential experiences.
Monday 6th – Friday 10th January 2014
BMS Mission Centre, Birmingham

Course content includes:
Philosophy and theology of residential ministry
Developing the vision and aim of your events
Creative programming
Leadership and management in the residential context
Safety skills and risk management principles
Trends and legislation
For more details and an information booklet go to:
Or ring for a chat: 01908 376603 email:

6 cool Halloween alternatives


Mimi Bullock writes on the Ministry to Children website: Halloween isn’t exactly a Christian holiday but during this time of year, we sure do have a great opportunity to minister to children. We can hide out in our bunker (metaphorically, of course) until the spookiness is over or we can reach into the darkness and pull kids closer to the cross. I know you agree with me, that the latter is better. Still, I’m not hosting a Halloween party but I use Halloween alternatives. Trunk or treats and fall festivals are okay, but there are a few other ideas you can use if you want an event idea that may be less common.

You can read her suggestions here.