iPads, iOS6 and Special Needs Ministry

The inclusive churchStacy Hodge writes on the Inclusive Church website:

If you’re anything like me, you love Apple products and also love the fact that Apple has made accessibility on their products a priority for their company.  Finally, having a communication device with you at all times has become affordable, easy, and “cool”  to carry around, as opposed to those (albeit useful) huge, expensive, bulky, batter-draining devices of yesterday.

Apple continually improves their software, and with their iOS 6 update Wednesday, they have brought to the table upwards of 200 updates, many of which are wonderful functions that I have been waiting for!  While this update brings many great features to the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch, the ones I am most excited about are the accessibility updates that we can use beginning tonight in our ministry.

We have two  iPads that we use in our ministry, used mostly as communication devices and as Bibles with LARGE text.  We also use them for Bible story enrichment (through videos and games) and for just plain fun together as a group when we hook it up to the TV.

Read more of her thoughts here.


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