Helping children worship: entering the worship zone

making-musicMimi Bullock writes on the Ministry to Children website:

Taking kids to a deeper place in God with worship is my heart’s desire! Like so many of you, some of my most healing, profound moments have occurred in the worship-zone. However, leading others to this same place of God’s Presence can be so difficult, at least, it can feel that way. Honestly, as a children’s pastor with 15 years plus under her belt, I have had to learn (and remind myself) that much of that journey has to be discovered by the individual. Still as the leader, I do my best to create an atmosphere of worship in kids’ church. I never know when I’ll witness a worship breakthrough, I have to always be ready.

If you have an interest in helping kids worship, some adjustments or changes may be in order. I’m sure there are tons of great, creative ideas out there but these few have helped me tremendously.

Read more about her ideas here.


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