Child of God: six (easy) baptism-related ideas for your toddler

welcome-child-of-godSara Wolbrecht writes on the Practising Families website:

While playing at her water table this morning, our young daughter took a truck in one hand and a cup filled with water in the other.  As she dumped the water over her truck she looked up at me to say: “I baptized it!”  Two months ago when I was leaning her head back under the kitchen faucet to rinse out the maple syrup (don’t ask) she said, “I am being baptized!”  And many times she has taken her baby doll and after snuggling her has proceeded to baptize her.

As a parent of a toddler, my heart leaps when I see her mimicking behavior and integrating play that keeps faith and God’s love as part of her play and language!  It has been fun to see baptism be a part of the realm she lives in.

It’s hard to know exactly how baptism has become part of her daily life, but here are six things we have stumbled upon that (we think) have helped shape her early understanding of baptism and her identity as a beloved child of God. Note: I am writing with the assumption of infant baptism since that is my own experience—though many of these ideas could still be used in a tradition of adult baptism.

Click here for her ideas.

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