Dummies’ guide to the Twilight Saga


Claire Rush, on the Sophia Network, helps you (parents, guardians, leaders) decipher the cultural phenomenon which is The Twilight Saga and discusses how it deals with themes such as gender, sexuality and love.

Was Friday 16 November 2012 an important date for you? Can you remember what you did? Was it just another day? For millions of young people across the UK, it was not just an ordinary day.

Friday 16 November was the release date of the final movie in The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn – Part II.

The Twilight phenomenon has taken over the world.

Never heard of it? Have you been living on planet earth?

The reality is that many young people (and adults) are immersed in the fantasy vampire Twilight world. There is even a name for hardcore fans – Twi-hards! As a series of books (which have sold over 110 million copies) and movies (which has generated millions of £s), Twilight has been a strong influence on youth culture over the past few years. But has it been influencing us in positive or negative ways?

The Twilight Saga – is it a boy meets girl story?

 You can read the whole article here.


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