Why kids stop coming to church


Written by Zac Veron for Youthworks.net

One of the great pleasures about being at the same church for a long time is that you get to see children grow up from infants into young adults.

As a member of the same church for seventeen years, many of which I originally served as the Senior Minister, I baptised many babies who grew to become leaders of the children’s and youth ministries. I saw a church with hardly any kids in Sunday School and youth group grow into a Christian community with hundreds of young people.

How did the church grow? Well, under God’s grace and sovereignty, Christian parents did the most important thing they could ever do – they led their children in Christ.

Yet in these seventeen years at St George North Anglican, I have also seen some children drop out of church. This sad outcome happens for many reasons, both theological and practical.

But of these reasons, two stand out, http://www.youthworks.net/articles/why-kids-stop-going-to-church/


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