Ideas for training children’s ministry leaders

Ministry to ChildrenMimi Bullock blogs on Ministry to children:

At the first of every year, I began to fervently pray for volunteers. Whether they’ve signed on for a month or for six, most volunteers need and appreciate training.

I believe in hands-on training but you’ve got to teach too. Host regular training conferences for volunteers and inspire your team to minister to children effectively. Incorporate a few ideas into a casual lunch or offer a Saturday boot camp. Don’t forget to include some role-playing so volunteers will know how to deal with tough but common challenges.

1. Creativity exercises: When I first began serving, I attended a ministry conference that rocked my socks off! At this conference, we were divided into groups then given a basket of kitchen gadgets. Each group took a gadget and together, we had one minute to come up with a soul winning message that corresponded with the gadget. A garlic press became the Holy Spirit that presses out those small and big sins. A mallet demonstrated God’s power to destroy sin… the list goes on. It’s a great activity for teaching creativity.

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