Coffee-Shop Consultancy

20121218-152948.jpgDon’t just talk to yourself!

I am one of those people who do some of my best thinking while I am taking part
in a discussion. Some might say that it is because the movement of my jaw wakes
up my tired old brain cells, I would rather think that it is more like iron
sharpening iron! That, as I hear the ideas of others, I have something concrete
to work with or against, a concept rather than a blank space that I can explore
and test to see whether it works for me personally or the work I am doing.
Children’s and Youth ministry can sometimes be very demanding, as you seek to
serve the wonderful and wonder-filled people. This is why we at Oxford CYM felt
that we should seek to fulful our mission statement of ‘transforming the
church’s engagement with children and young people’ by getting out there to meet
and support those who are ‘on the frontline’ in an informal setting. To offer
the opportunity to ‘chew the cud’ about issues; thrash out the details of your
latest vision and ideas; and find out what training and development
opportunities there are; with experts in the field who share your passion.
Members of our staff team will therefore be ‘camping out’ in a coffee shop near
you to offer free advice and consultation on children’s and youth work, and
training needs. So come along to Trago Lounge in Portswood near Southampton on the 20th
February between 10.30am and 3pm and see if we can sharpen some iron or at least
refresh some brain cells!


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