Taize Pilgrimage 2013

Revd’s Angi Nutt and Michael Smith have asked me to pass on the following message:

Following the first Pilgrimage to Taize in Summer of 2012, Bishop Jonathan will again lead a group of young people to Taize in Summer of July 2013 (6th – 15th). The Pilgrimage is aimed at those aged 17 – 25 and should cost no more than £175 (the overall cost in 2012 was £150). This covers return coach travel from London and all accommodation and food costs.

Whilst we appreciate that there is a lot going on with other events and activities, Bishop Jonathan is keen to enable young people the opportunity to explore other opportunities. Taize offers a unique experience for young people to question, challenge, discuss, pray, sing and challenge with other young people from all over the world.

We would be very interested in coming to talk with you and/or your youth groups & young people about whether you would have any  young people who are interested in the Pilgrimage. We are happy to lead Taize-style worship or talk to  groups small or large!.

There is more information on the the Pilgrimage website; http://winchestertaize.wordpress.com where there are online forms and other literature.

Email: winchester.taize@gmail.com

Facebook page:


and  on Twitter @winchestertaize

Taize’s own website  is full of useful information about the Community and their work with young people.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

twitter @winchestertaize


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