Church of England Newspaper… for the Young!

Amaris Cole, a reporter for the Church of England Newspaper has sent this to us about a new email newsletter aimed at 18-24 year olds – could you get involved?

“From October, we will be sending out a free newsletter-style email to all young people (and the young at heart) who have subscribed to this service. This will include a blog from someone at school, university or working with the youth, telling their story. Film and book reviews, budget recipes, events and style will also feature month-to-month, in an easy, stylish format. We’re calling it College Street – that’s where we are based in Westminster and the name seems to fit!

As many of you who have seen the paper will know, we haven’t really catered for youth up until now. This is where I am hoping you could help me. Would you be able to get the word out about this resource? As I mentioned, it is completely free and they will only receive the one email a month I mentioned – never any advertisements or other rubbish! It would be great if you could ask any interested person (this is really aimed at 16-24 year olds, but anyone is welcome to subscribe) to email with their name and email address. Just mention in the subject it’s to subscribe to College Street and I can pop them on the list.

If you know of anyone who would be willing to write something for this, I would love to hear from them, too. This really is an organic project and I am completely open to suggestions – what do you think we should be covering here? At the moment we are partnered with Fusion, XLP, CVM and UCCF on this, but would welcome any other groups or individuals who you believe has an important message to bring our youth.”


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