New Books for youth, children’s and families workers

This colourful book offers 68 of the best known stories from the Bible. Each one is simply retold (with the Bible reference in case you want to explore further) and would be suitable for bedtime reading with under 7s.
My Storytime Bible
Renita Boyle and Melanie Florian
pub. BRF £9.99


 The Bible isn’t just for Sunday! Snapshots encourages 8 – 11 year olds to read a short passage from the Bible every day throughout the year. There are comments, activities and prayers to help them think more about what they’ve read and how to live the Christian life.
Bible Snapshots
Scripture Union £8.99


In 2003, Mark Chester had the vision to start helping churches reach out to develop the relationships between fathers and children. This book tells the story of how the Who let the Dads out initiative grew, and offers a practical guide to help churches set up their own group for dads and under 5s.
Who let the dads out?
Mark Chester
BRF £6.99

Faith that is based on feelings and the hype of big events may not develop the roots that are needed to sustain it through the ups and downs of life. Martin Saunders has written a book which introduces the spiritual disciplines (prayer, study, simplicity, service, celebration and more) to a generation for whom they are counter-cultural. The format is adaptable and flexible, including games, reflection, discussion and journalling. Most importantly, he challenges youth leaders to engage & model the disciplines in their own lives. Looking past the title, the book is a gem and will help young people grow deep roots of faith.
The Beautiful Disciplines
Martin Saunders
Monarch £9.09 (on Amazon)


Celebrating holiness: earthing prayer in everyday life

Saturday 3 November 10 am – 2.45 pm
Romsey Abbey

For all Christians, prayer is at the centre of our lives.  Within the ordinary and humdrum events of daily living, God is to be found. This day offers an opportunity to learn more about how we might pray and grow closer to God. It will offer ways in which each of us can explore a variety of openings and encourage us to discern the Holy One at work in all our activities. The day will take place within the context of an extended Eucharist, with a choice of workshops, and the chance to explore different creative ways of praying.   The Bishop of Winchester, Tim Dakin, will preside and give the keynote address.

For more details, check out the Discipleship and Ministry team’s Spirituality page, which will be updated regularly.

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